The Challenges of Pricing Your Own Services

In this episode of ‘Live with The Pricing Lady,’ I’m joined by guest, Anthony Kuo, a seasoned career satisfaction coach and former pricing expert. Together, we embark on an illuminating exploration of Anthony’s transition from pricing pro in the corporate world to entrepreneurship, delving into the challenges he encountered while pricing his own services. And he shares what he’s observed working with clients.

We uncover the key of finding intrinsic value in one’s profession and the inherent value that clients seek in return. Through our discussion, you’ll discover invaluable insights and effective strategies for navigating the intricacies of pricing, overcoming obstacles, and building the skill you need to be more successful.

From Anthony’s personal journey to actionable advice for professionals in any field, this episode is a testament to the transformative power of aligning passion with purpose and understanding the dynamic interplay between value perception and pricing. Don’t miss out on this enriching conversation – listen and learn more about how to face the challenges of pricing your own services.

About this Episode’s Guest

Anthony Kuo’s journey is a compelling testament to the distinction between proficiency and passion. After thriving in the corporate world, he realized his soul was unfulfilled. Now, as a Career Satisfaction Coach and creator of Untamed Career, Anthony helps professionals rediscover their true vocational aspirations. Join us as we explore Anthony’s transformative journey and glean insights into crafting careers that align with authentic fulfillment.

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What to Listen out for

  • 0:00 Intro
  • 01:22 Getting to Know Anthony
  • 03:08 From Pricing Expert to Career Satisfaction Coach
  • 05:43 Challenges of Pricing Personal Services
  • 08:28 Learning to Value Your Work
  • 13:41 Applying Pricing Knowledge to Career Satisfaction Coaching
  • 18:07 Marketing and Customer Insight
  • 24:28 Overcoming Pricing Mindset Challenges
  • 28:39 Final Thoughts

Favorite quotes from this episode

“It’s important to use their words, not yours. That’s the curse of the expert. You use your lingo, then wonder why people don’t connect with the message. Your customer will talk about what they need and value in a different way than you the expert will.” Janene

“…they (therapists) could give me more insights into what my clients were thinking, what was under the surface. It’s literally their job to understand that. Spending a lot of time around them helped me create marketing that’s even more resonant.” Anthony

“I teach something called that, that I call proximity syndrome, which is a very close cousin to imposter syndrome. And I define proximity syndrome as when you are too close to your own work, your own self to be able to really see and appreciate what you’re doing.” Anthony

“Connect to the value of your offer. It’s a lot more than you think it is.” Anthony

“I’ve had a lot of guests on the show talk about how they didn’t understand why people would want to pay them because it was so easy for them. And it was no big deal. You know, it just, it wasn’t a big magic pill. It was just something that they did, but they didn’t understand. part of what you’re saying. They didn’t understand that it doesn’t come easy to everyone. It’s not that simple for everyone.” Janene

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Episode Summary

Introducing Anthony Kuo: Getting to Know the Person Behind the Expert

He joins us from New York City and reveals his special talent of seeing superpowers in others and drawing them out. This ability to bring out the best in people is the foundation of his career satisfaction coaching. Anthony shares with us with his exciting endeavor of training for his first-ever triathlon, showcasing his determination to challenge himself and learn new skills.

Transitioning from Corporate to Entrepreneurship: Anthony’s Career Journey

We delve into Anthony’s professional background and uncover his journey from working as a marketing and innovation consultant for large consumer packaged goods companies to becoming a career satisfaction coach. Anthony’s experience, specifically in pricing and marketing, allowed him to gain valuable insights into evaluating launches, pricing strategies, and pack price architecture. Little did he know that his true passion lied in mentoring and supporting others in their careers, which led him to start his own business. And discover that’s it a little different when it’s your own company.

The Challenges of Pricing Your Own Services: Overcoming Mindset Barriers

Anthony opens up about his initial struggles in setting a price for his services. As someone who had previously worked in a corporate setting, the transition to valuing his own expertise and charging appropriately was a daunting task. He found himself faced with different obstacles when it came to pricing his own services. However, Anthony overcame this mindset barrier by gradually increasing his prices, guided by the advice of a mentor. By continually pushing his comfort zone, he learned to embrace the value he offered and understand the importance of maintaining pricing integrity.

Understanding the Value You Offer: The Psychology of Pricing

Throughout our conversation, Anthony emphasizes the significance of understanding the value you bring to the table. As a career satisfaction coach, his primary focus is helping clients feel satisfied in their careers and guiding them towards their desired outcomes. By deeply empathizing with their desire for recognition, advancement, and personal growth, Anthony is able to connect with his clients on a profound level. He applies his marketing background to create messaging that resonates with his target audience, ensuring they recognize the value of his services.

The Importance of Customer Insight: Unveiling Hidden Superpowers

Anthony reveals the crucial role of customer insight in shaping his marketing strategy and in facing the challenges of pricing your own services. Instead of relying solely on client feedback, he sought a deeper understanding by consulting therapists who work closely with individuals seeking career satisfaction. Their unique perspective allowed him to uncover the intrinsic desires and pain points of his audience. By using their language and addressing their hidden needs, Anthony has been able to create marketing content that truly resonates with his target audience.


In closing, Anthony leaves us with a valuable takeaway: connect to the value you offer, as it is often more significant than you may think. By embracing your hidden superpowers and understanding the impact you have on others, you can confidently face the challenges of pricing your own services head on and get the job done. Anthony’s refreshing perspective on pricing as a psychological and marketing challenge reminds us that pricing is not just about numbers; it’s about recognizing and communicating your value effectively.

If you’re eager to learn more about effective pricing strategies and how to find career satisfaction, connect with Anthony on LinkedIn @untamedcareer. Explore the transformative power of understanding customer insights and uncover your hidden superpowers to unlock your full potential.

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Disclaimer: The content of this blog post is derived from on of monthly Price Point events Janene Liston held. The above overview aims to summarize the discussion and provide key insights for businesses; however, it does not cover the entire conversation. Listen to the full episode and/or contact Janene for more information.

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