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Feel more confident

Does pricing stress you out?

Many entrepreneurs feel that way, but closing your eyes to pricing will only keep you stuck and slow your business down. Working with a pricing coach will help you understand the tactics & strategies of pricing & how to use them most effectively in your business.

Let’s look pricing straight in the eyes and create your pricing strategy together. Or maybe you’ve asked yourself “How can I find a fair price?” And want to know how to set prices in your business. 

As an experienced pricing coach and business strategist, I’m here to help you build a more sustainably profitable business on your own terms. With my pricing coaching packages and services you’ll build the confidence to charge for the value you deliver.

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Get feedback on your pricing strategy

Quick Start

Pricing Triage

Where to start with pricing?

Pricing Triage is your chance to ask your burning pricing questions and get my feedback. At the end of the call, you’ll understand what you can start doing differently and/or what to do next..

You’ll get advice and suggestions from an expert pricing coach to help you to take those next steps towards start building success on your own terms.

Pricing Triage is a single, 1:1 online consultation session (lasting up to 2 hours). If you’re interested book a Discovery Call we can discuss how to proceed.

Group Coaching

The Fair Price Formula

Do know how to set prices you feel confident with? If not, this group program is made for you!

In just over 2 weeks, you’ll learn how to set prices, what to consider and how to use what you know to make the best decision on what to charge.

You’ll build your own pricing strategy and gain confidence to charge for the value you deliver. I’ll be your pricing coach and guide during the program.

Group coaching program allows you to:

Work with Janene in a group coaching format to set your prices
learn how to set prices and be more confident in your business

1:1 Pricing Coaching

Pricing Breakthrough Package

How do the many aspects of pricing affect your business? How to apply different tools and strategies to your business to make the biggest impact as quickly as possible?

Pricing Breakthrough Package is a customised service to build a complete pricing strategy and construct a price list for your main customer groups. As your pricing coach I’m your sounding board and available to you for the duration of our coaching agreement.

1:1 coaching has additional benefits

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Boost your confidence and have the courage to charge for the value you deliver!

I’m your Business Strategist, Pricing Coach & Value Expert. Let’s talk and map out your path to success.

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