They trust me

Susanne Edler | Happy Client

A win on all levels!

We knew we added value but struggled to define it precisely by product and in relation to our methodology. Janene helped us refine that value proposition and translate that into the offers and our price model. Within a couple months of working with her we sign the contract for our biggest project to date.  Thanks to our work together we know our offer, the value it brings and we can communicate it confidently. It’s been a win on all levels. I can only recommend you work with Janene, you won’t regret it.

Susanne Edler

Digital Chameleon AG | Head of Brand & Culture

Simone Köchli - Loopi

Invest in a good Pricing Strategy early on

“To other startups we at Loopi would say (even with limited financial resources) it is important to invest in a good pricing strategy even from an early stage on because it pays back! Janene has a tremendous amount of experience and an amazing personality! It is worth investing in her coaching to get her experience and support!”

Simone Köchli

Co-Founder at Loopi AG | Sustainable Stroller Solutions

Terri Creeden shares her experience with Speak Believe & Charge Your Worth

Terri Creeden

Creeden Leadership Coaching & Consulting

Raised prices with confidence

“Janene helped me a lot, when I decided to raise my prices. She helped me draft arguments to convince my client that he didn’t even say anything but just paid the bill!”

Esther Bürki

Swiss Made Story | International Book Writing Expert

If the pricing is not right, the business is just a hobby

“I know that pricing is critical to success and a big weak spot for me. Janene’s pricing course course looks at not only the ‘hard’ aspects of pricing (ie. numbers), but also the ‘soft’ ones – mindset and personal relationship to money.”

Vicki Kirn

Business Owner | Basel Bagel

100 percent ROI

“I had problems getting price packages correct: my clients always opted for the cheapest offering. I was stuck but Janene gave me the solution!

What a “Eureka” moment. I was laughing out loud – as what Janene suggested was so obvious – of course I just couldn’t see it myself. 100% ROI.”

Gunnel Berggren

Life and Career Coach

Alex Congdon

Real world experience!

“Janene has a relaxed and confident style backed up by her real world experience in her area of expertise… And she’s fun!”

​Alex Congdon

​Business Coach & Host ​of Expat Business Hero

My whole business is on a different level

Christoph Kirn

Wortschatz | German Language Coaching for Architects

Patricia C. Brooks

Deep knowledge about money matters

“Janene has a deep knowledge about money matters and a compelling story of taking chances and stepping outside her comfort zone. She is a thoughtful guest who answers the questions in a clear and powerful way. She’s genuine and not afraid to be vulnerable. These qualities make her a great guest for podcasts and other speaking events.”

Patricia C. Brooks

​Host of Discovering Courage Podcast

A real expert in her field

“Janene helped to clarify the pricing of my current services. She quickly understood my situation and suggested concrete steps for pricing improvements. She also shared very practical pricing tactics that I can’t wait to apply to grow my business. She is a real expert in her field.”

Vendula Pavlikova

Founder | Authentic Achievers

Client of the Pricing Lady Kathy Patellis-Schmidt

Now I’m earning what I deserve

“Before working with The Pricing Lady, Expert! I had no idea what I should charge for my services. Janene helped me to see the value of my offer, and charge accordingly.  Thanks to her, I am now earning what I deserve. I would wholeheartedly and enthusiastically recommend her to anyone struggling with how to price what they offer.”

Kathy Patellis-Schmidt

Founder | Style-Inc

Great tips for client negotiations

“Our team has participated in several workshops and courses with Janene, and each time we’ve learned something new about pricing! Working with Janene has given us confidence to price our software and also helped us articulate the advantages to clients in negotiations. We warmly recommend working with Janene!”

Ingrid Stalder

Co-Founder | Vanilla Plan AG

Happy Client of the Pricing Lady

Take your business to the next level

“Janene has an incredible ability to really understand your business and help you put in place a meaningful commercial strategy. She helped me think critically not only about pricing but also my business value and impact. I recommend Janene to anyone who wants to take their business and commercial strategy to the next level.”

Tessa James

Founder | Talent Reimagined

Strategy that is aligned with value

“Working with Janene has been a joyful, enriching and totally revealing experience. Janene was able to take the essence of who I am and what I want to offer my clients, and synthesize it in an extremely simple and explicit way. Today, I offer my services in a much more assertive way than before. Clients feel reassured and trust me more quickly to work with me. I can only encourage everyone to work with Janene when it comes to having a consistent pricing strategy that is aligned to the person we are!”

Catherine Schöpfer

The Cancer Coach

I’ve raised my prices with confidence

“Before working with Janene, I used to worry about my pricing a lot. I felt my prices weren’t where I would want them to be but I didn’t know how to raise them. If I sensed a slightest hesitation from my clients, I started offering extras and discounts. Throwing in pony rides and cotton candy on top of the communications consulting services!

Working with Janene changed all that. She helped me build a framework that allows me to price my products and services easily and communicate my prices with confidence. Thanks to Janene’s help, I’ve been able to raise my prices. And it was fun and creative, too!”

Pauliina Rasi

Communications Consultant

Janene opens doors for people who want to improve

“Janene delivers the whole package! She helped me work on my public speaking skills and I had two important insights:

First, preparing a little earlier changes the outcome of my speeches. When I know the content, I can focus better on fine tuning the delivery. Second, to only speak on topics dear to my heart.

Janene has a wonderful ability to provide useful feedback. It’s always delivered compassionately. Janene has a gift to open doors for people who want to improve.”

Fanna Kong

Founder & CEO | Sino-Swiss Business Center

Happy Client of the Pricing Lady

Priceless guidance for any business

“Janene has been my guide since the launch of my company. She’s guided me in pricing, product positioning and also establishing my brand. Janene has a vast experience with various business models and also an open mind which allows her to identify and suggest adapted solutions to every situation, for both products and services. Her contribution into establishing my company was priceless.”

Iwona Kurc

Founder | Cinquième Patte

Now I know how to build packages and price them

“Janene explains things in a detailed yet easygoing way. She helped me understand prices in a different light! Before I thought there was one price for almost everything, now I know how to build packages with different prices and actions. It was an eye opening the whole way.”

Olga Quesada

Marketing expert

Goodbye to underpricing

“Before Janene’s pricing workshop I knew my self-worth but didn’t think people would be willing to pay that price. I was too nervous to increase my prices. A week after I put my prices up and have seen a positive reaction.

I was undervaluing myself by over delivering and spending more time then stated with clients. As much as I love what I do, it started leaving me slightly frustrated. However I was worried if I raised my prices I wouldn’t get any clients. 

The workshop was fascinating! Janene, who really is the Pricing Lady, did an amazing job delivering something that could be seen as boring and dull but necessary as interesting. She made it easy to understand. It left me pumped up. She was poised, eloquent and succinct. I would definitely recommend Janene to any start-ups or any one who is having issues with getting their prices right.”

Monika Mueller

Image Consultant

Businesses must be queuing for Janene

I have a “niche expertise business and I was wondering what was the right pricing model for me. 

Together Janene and I identified what my services are worth and how to best communicate offers. Thanks to the work we did together, I have more confidence and I feel more prepared for future negotiations.

Before our work I wasn’t sure if my idea of pricing was legitimate. After, I had a custom pricing model – now it feels like the right strategy.

Her experience across industries and in big and smaller businesses means her advice is well-founded. Businesses must be queuing to get her input. I strongly recommend Janene to anyone setting up a business.”

Gesa Bury

Founder & Director BURY | WALZ Healthcare Brand Consulting

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