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Ever wondered why I’m called The Pricing Lady? This is the story behind the nickname.

I haven’t always been a pricing expert and enthusiast – I studied engineering and have a deep fascination for bridges and buildings. I also have gained significant commercial experience over the years, something that many small and young business need.

The expertise found me or I stumbled upon it by accident, as the best things in life tend to happen. I’d just started my first product management job when I ran into a problem: each time a new offer came in, we started the work from scratch. It often took us a whole week to put one offer together.

We wasted a lot of time and energy reinventing the wheel with every single new offer – and I wasn’t happy that potential clients waited much longer than necessary for their offers.

Lightbulb moment!

For me, professionally, this was a turning point.

As a logical person, this was exactly the kind of challenge that intrigued me – it needed solving.

So I set to work and created a modular price structure that allowed us to break each incoming request down to pieces and quickly put the offer together. All the while ensuring the prices were fit for the business and our customers. That’s how my pricing expert status was born.

In the coming years, I dove deeper into the world of pricing strategy and management.

I studied to become a Certified Pricing Professional, being among the first few dozens of people who earned the certification.  And gained a lot of commercial experience in sales, marketing and finance.

I had the chance to work with pricing in different industries, geographies and companies, at one point traveling around the world helping teams to take their pricing strategy to the next level.

Typically when I stepped into a meeting room to kick-off the next pricing project, I’d introduce myself: “Hi I’m Janene. I’m here for the pricing project.” Most often the person would say, “Yeah. I know you. You’re The Pricing Lady!”

CPP Pricing Expert

That nickname stuck with me.

So did the passion for the topic. Years later, after a burnout, when I started exploring other career paths outside the corporate environment, the idea of building my own business around pricing came to be. I was after all a highly experienced Pricing Expert.

I started channeling this passion to help small businesses understand their business more deeply, see the value they deliver and adjust their prices in a way that allows them to grow and become more profitable.

What I love about the topic of price is how it ties together all the different aspects of your business. It’s one part logic, one part creativity and one part psychology. It’s all about understanding the marketplace, value you deliver, your business goals and profits but also your unique talents and your clients needs.

Pricing is the point where your purpose turns into profitability – and I, your Pricing Expert am looking forward to accompanying you on your journey towards building a sustainably profitable business.

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