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Set your business up for success. Choose the topic or event that you need the most.

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Monthly Pricing Event
Get insights & tips

Live monthly calls where we tackle a variety of pricing questions. Join once or twice. Or follow the entire series and enjoy year long learning with me complimentary.

group course
Know your customers

Learn how to conduct customer insight interviews with confidence. From asking for the interview, to doing it, you’ll build confidence in yourself and know how in your business.

price setting course
Set your prices

Unsure how to set prices you feel confident charging? This is the course for you. I’ll walk you through the process so you can define the right prices for your business with more ease.

Join the next Pricing Master Class

In this Pricing Master Class series we’ll be covering a variety of important pricing related topics to help boost your business and your know now as a business owner. You’ll use the guide or tool to explore the topic for your business. There’s live coaching and Q&A.

Explore profitability

Don’t understand profit? Does it make you feel uncomfortable? Let’s change that NOW! I’ll show you how to use some simple pricing tools to better understand profit and how your decisions impact it in your business.

Where are you now?

“Janene, I don’t know where to start” 

Let’s start at the beginning – with a self-assessment. You’ll do the scorecard assessment. Then we’ll discuss results so you can decide what to focus on first.

event -ideal audience masterclass
Who should I focus on?

Who’s your ideal audience?
Do several come to mind? Do say to yourself…anyone?  Clarity on your target customer can act as a north star for your decisions. I’ll show you how to whittle the possibilities down.

Ever wondered...

Which customers .

If so this guide is precisely what you need.

The customers you choose to focus on, set the tone for your business. How you work, what you offer, how you offer it, what you charge and more.

This simple guide will help you think through which customer segments could be the most suitable for your business.

Ever wondered...

Should I Put My .

If so this guide is precisely what you need.

This is a strategic pricing decision. That’s great news. It means that by answering a few simple questions you can get to the answer.

12 questions with explanations and a simple checklist plus little critical thinking will help you decide the best course of action.