The Importance of Decoupling Self-worth from Your Pricing

“I had a plan and a strategy for setting my prices. It felt like I knew what to do but it just wasn’t working. I got no where. I realized the connection I had created between my self-worth and my prices. It was time to start decoupling my self-worth from my prices.”

Does that sound familiar to you?

If so you, my friend, are not alone. It’s easy to think of pricing as the logical, cold and calculated (no pun intended) thing. But the reality is your mindset gets in the way. You can know every pricing trick in the book but if you believe you are not worthy on some level, it just won’t work because you won’t believe it. It’s up to you to starting decoupling self-worth from what you charge, failure to do so only holds you back.

Those thoughts and doubts will permeate everything you do, what you choose not to do and how you go about doing it. I’ve said it many times before but having your own business is a self-discovery journey and you’re about to hear how one woman realized her own sense of self-worth was getting in the way of her dreams.

About this Episode’s Guest

In this episode, I’ve got special guest Aya Ghosh. She’s a Consciousness Coach and helps people find their purpose, fulfilment, and joy instead of being stuck in pain, suffering, or negative experiences. She shares with us how the realization that her mindset was influencing what she charged came about, As well as the steps she’s had to take to free herself from tying her self-worth to her pricing. Let’s help you get your mindset in the right place enjoy the episode.

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Episode Links

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Book Recommendation: A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose by Eckhart Tolle

A tip around this book Oprah Winfrey and Eckhart Tolle did a podcast going through the chapters. So if you prefer to listen rather than read I can recommend it. Here’s a link I found to videos I personally listened to it on Apple Podcasts.

What to Listen out for

  • 0:00 Intro
  • 01:23 Getting to Know Aya
  • 02:35 Journey into Consciousness Coaching
  • 03:20 The Challenges of Pricing in Business
  • 04:48 Overcoming Self-Worth Issues in Pricing
  • 05:32 The Impact of Personal Beliefs on Business
  • 07:25 The Emotional Connection to Pricing
  • 10:24 The Struggle of Pricing Services
  • 14:18 Overcoming Needy Energy in Business
  • 16:14 Final Thoughts

Favorite quotes from this episode

“I think one of the attitudes that really helps me is like, you don’t have to be a perfectionist.” Aya

“All I had was this bad experience. Why is it so emotionally difficult for me to change my pricing. As I coach I think you need to walk the talk. So I had a coaching session with my peers. I discovered…I didn’t feel like I was good enough.” Aya

“I feel like even if you have the optimal or strategically right price, unless you have an emotional connection to that, it’s not going to work on an energetic level.” Aya

“What I love doing is to share my own experience and what I got through the coaching services because now I’m also on the client side..” Aya

decoupling self-worth

“I would like people to think of pricing as something you can have fun with and learn with. You don’t have to get it right on the first try.” Aya

“I think if there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years is that you’re never done. You’re constantly growing … evolving … shifting. The universe has ways of throwing things your way that take you outside that comfort zone and challenge you. It’s important to get that help and support along the way.” Janene

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Episode Overview

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Aya Ghosh, a consciousness coach, to discuss the journey she’s had with pricing. Aya believes that pricing should be fun, but also acknowledges that mindset can often hinder your ability to enjoy the process. Join me as we delve deeper into Aya’s story and explore the importance of decoupling our self-worth from what we charge.

The Challenges of Pricing Services

One of the key factors Aya highlighted was the intangibility of services. Unlike a physical product, services cannot be readily shown or demonstrated. This can make it difficult for potential clients to fully grasp the value being offered. Aya recognized the importance of sharing her own experiences and the transformation her coaching services can bring, effectively bridging the gap between the intangibility of her services and the value they provide.

Another challenge Aya faced was the need to establish her own self-worth in relation to her pricing – i.e. decoupling her self-worth from what she charged. She candidly shared her journey of initially setting lower prices while still in coaching school, as she believed her training status justified it. However, as she progressed in her career, she realized that her self-worth was not aligned with her pricing. This realization prompted her to work on building her self-esteem and valuing her services appropriately.

Overcoming Needy Energy and Embracing Uncertainty

Next Aya recollects how her own needy energy during pricing conversations influenced her and her clients behavior. She realized that projecting an aura of desperation hindered her sales conversations rather than helping. She emphasized the importance of acknowledging and addressing such energies within ourselves, seeking support from friends who provide honest feedback, and recognizing that pricing is a learning process that can be adjusted and refined over time.

In terms of embracing uncertainty, Aya emphasized the need to adopt an attitude of curiosity and flexibility when it comes to pricing. She encouraged pricing experimentation and emphasized the importance of learning from the feedback received. Pricing should not be approached with the expectation of getting it perfect from the start, but rather as a continuous learning journey

Embrace the Journey of Pricing

Aya’s journey as a consciousness coach exemplifies the significance of decoupling our self-worth from what you charge. By recognizing your infinite value as an individual and developing an emotional connection to the pricing of your services, you can effectively communicate the worth you bring your clients.

Navigating the challenges of pricing services requires a combination of creativity, self-reflection, and open-mindedness. Aya’s experiences shed light on the importance of embracing uncertainty and finding joy in the pricing process. Remember, pricing is not just a numbers game – it’s an opportunity to embrace your worth and create a thriving business.


Remember, pricing is not just a numbers game – it’s an opportunity to embrace your worth and create a thriving business. It’s very much related to how you feel about yourself (whether it be true or not). The skill of decoupling self-worth from what you charge is for most a learned skill and today we’ve heard one woman’s story of triumph.

Enjoy the journey and happy pricing!

Disclaimer: The content of this blog post is derived from a conversation between Janene Liston and Aya Ghosh on Live with The Pricing Lady, the Podcast. The above overview aims to summarize their discussion and provide key insights for businesses; however, it does not cover the entire conversation. Listen to the full episode and/or contact Janene for more information.

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