Pricing for Freelancers: Tips and Tactics to Capture More Value

Let’s delve into the world of pricing for freelancers, aiming to equip you with the knowledge to navigate some of the pricing challenges in your freelance business. Joined by Karla Fernandes, we explore fundamental principles, tactics you can use, and effective strategies for pricing success.

We’ve turned the tables this time around and Karla is asking me the questions freelancers ask most when it comes to managing pricing. We start by emphasizing that pricing more than “just” a number. That it’s a reflection of the value freelancers provide to their clients. We discuss how setting the right price is essential to your business growth and personal fulfillment and how being able to confidently charge for the value you deliver is a critical success factor.

Throughout the episode, we uncover actionable insights, including the limitations of time-based pricing and the transition to value-based pricing. We explore strategies such as packaging services, transparent value communication, and adjusting for seasonality, all aimed at enhancing what you as a freelancer do with pricing. And helping you expand your understanding of what is possible for your pricing strategy.

Join us as we dive into tips, tactics and pricing for freelancers.

About this Episode’s Guest

Karla Fernandes brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the episode having been a and working with freelancers herself. She contacted me and asked if she could come on the show and ask me the pricing questions she know plagues freelancers the most. As a seasoned professional, she has faced her own challenges and often finds herself being asked critical pricing questions from her peers.

She has worked with well-known tech startups, educational organizations, and service-based companies. She provides guidance on the design thinking process and hands-on training – everything you need to build an app. She’s lived in 11 countries while successfully managing her freelance business.

Join us as Karla asks me the pricing questions and we talk about how to set prices better as a freelancer, learn more about what you can do to set the best prices for you and your clients.

What to Listen out for:

  • 00:55 Meet Karla: A Multifaceted Designer
  • 02:48 From Graphic Design to Digital Product Expert
  • 03:44 Navigating the Freelance World: Pricing Challenges and Strategies
  • 04:38 First Freelance Experience: Learning Through Trial
  • 07:00 Deep Dive into Pricing for Freelancers
  • 24:32 Setting Realistic Revenue Goals and Understanding Your Worth
  • 35:08 Key Takeaways and Resources

Favorite quotes from this episode

“Understanding customers is like bringing your binoculars into focus. You can see more clearly what they need, want and value. You can charge differently for different clients because they value your offer in different ways.” Janene

“… what you are trying to achieve with your business. If this is a side gig because you love doing it then you may do something different with your pricing then if you’re living from it. You don’t have to but you may choose to.” Janene

“…if you charge too little, there simply aren’t enough hours in the day for you to earn the money that you would like.” Janene

Pricing for freelancers

“Everyone has a different view of success. What does it look like for you? How would you trade your time with your family or your vacation? That can influence what you charge?” Karla

“Creating packages helps them (your customers) make decisions easier and helps you work more effectively.” Janene

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Episode Summary

I’m thrilled to share the insights this unique episode where Karly interviews me, hoping to empower freelancers with the knowledge to navigate the complexities of pricing.

The Role of Pricing in Your Business

Our discussion began with a fundamental principle: pricing is not just a figure but a representation of the value you bring to your clients. It’s an essential aspect of your business that can significantly influence its success or failure. As I passionately shared, “Pricing is a way of being or behaving in your business.” Reflecting on this, it becomes clear that setting the right price is about confidently charging for the value you deliver, ensuring that pricing supports your business’s growth and your personal dreams.

Crucial Factors in Setting Your Prices

Karla and I explored the critical factors to consider when setting prices as a freelancer. Understanding your customer’s needs and the value they derive from your services is paramount. This insight allows you to tailor your pricing to reflect the benefits your clients receive, aligning your prices with the perceived value and as your business grows and the value increases so do your prices (if you choose them to). Additionally, we stressed the importance of taking into account your business goals, expenses, and the reality of non-billable hours, all of which play a critical role in determining a fair and sustainable price for your services.

The Limitations of Time-Based Pricing for Freelancers

One of the most enlightening parts of our conversation revolved around the limitations of time-based pricing. This model, although common among freelancers, might not scale well as you gain efficiency and expertise. Karla and I discussed the shift from time-based to value-based pricing, where the focus is on the outcomes and value provided rather than the hours spent. This transition can be pivotal in allowing freelancers to grow their income independent of the finite nature of time.

Effective Pricing Strategies for Success

Throughout our chat, we delved into actionable strategies to enhance your pricing approach:

  • Packaging Services: Offering standardized packages can simplify the pricing process and provide clear value propositions to clients.
  • Value Communication: Being transparent about the outcomes and value of your services is vital in justifying your prices and managing client expectations.
  • Adjusting for Seasonality: Recognizing the ebb and flow of business can help in setting realistic revenue goals and ensuring long-term sustainability.

Embracing Fair and Dynamic Pricing

A key takeaway from our discussion was the idea of maintaining a healthy tension in pricing—ensuring that the price is fair for both you and your clients. This balance is crucial for sustaining a profitable business while delivering exceptional value. There’s so much more to this topic and we just scratched the surface, but have provided quite a few things for you to consider in your journey.

Thank you for joining me for this episode of Live with The Pricing Lady all about pricing for freelancers. Don’t forget to check out the upcoming cohort of the Fair Price Formula at This is where you learn how to set prices you feel confident about, join me.

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