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Pricing is critical to building & growing a business..
More importantly, to Your Success.
You can't do it right, when you don't know how.

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I’m Janene, The Pricing Lady. Learn how build and execute your pricing strategy effectively and confidently.

2024 Topics
January Where should I start with my pricing?
February Why profit isn't the bad word you think it is.
March 3 reasons to align your pricing strategy with your business goals.
April Should I offer tiers/packages for different segments?
May Why do I struggle to tell people what I charge?
June 3 simple actions to take when your customer objects to your offer.
More great topics coming your way soon!

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Ever wondered...

Which customers .

If so this guide is precisely what you need.

The customers you choose to focus on, set the tone for your business. How you work, what you offer, how you offer it, what you charge and more.

This simple guide will help you think through which customer segments could be the most suitable for your business.

Ever wondered...

Should I Put My .

If so this guide is precisely what you need.

This is a strategic pricing decision. That’s great news. It means that by answering a few simple questions you can get to the answer.

12 questions with explanations and a simple checklist plus little critical thinking will help you decide the best course of action.