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Improve your profits Feel confident 
about your prices
Work less & earn more Increase your prices Charge for the 
value you deliver

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Let’s tackle your profit problem together!

I’m here to help you create a sustainably profitable business by charging for the value you deliver and optimizing how you implement pricing. We’ll set you up for success so you can serve your clients for the long term.

Pricing can either help or hurt your profit. Which one do you choose?

When your pricing is right...

It reflects your value, unique gifts and talents.

You effectively communicate the value you deliver with confidence.

You will build  sustainable profit in your business.

Improve profits

Pricing consulting for small businesses and start-ups

Pricing is an underutilized business tool – it’s also your biggest profit lever! It can either help you meet your goals or silently sabotage your business behind the scenes.

Is your business as profitable as it can be? Together we’ll work on the aspect(s) of pricing that turns your purpose into prosperity.

Feel more confident

Pricing coaching for micro businesses

Are you avoiding pricing discussions?

Feeling uncertain about the prices you charge?

Stumbling when a client asks your price?

A clear pricing strategy helps you understand what to charge and enables you to confidently communicate the value you deliver. All the while building profit in your business.

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How I became The Pricing Lady

Like many people I didn’t know Pricing was a career track. I stumbled upon it early in my career and was instantly fascinated by the logical puzzle it presented.

This deep interest led me to work through my pricing professional certification and made me Europe’s most trusted pricing expert for small businesses.

But there’s more to pricing than pure logic and an official certificate. What makes pricing so fascinating is how to combine hard facts and figures to emotions, mindset and confidence. Yes, that what it takes to get more profit for your business.

One word of warning though: my passion for pricing is contagious! The chances are that working with me will cause you to get all excited about your pricing, too.

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