Top 10 Reasons You Struggle with Pricing

​Why do you struggle with pricing? ​​Have you ever stopped to think, “Why is this so damn difficult?” Good question, right? Getting to why ​it feels so difficult to set prices is important. Understanding ​how to charge your customers confidently ​will set you free. In this video I cover the ​Top 10 ​Reasons ​You ​Struggle with ​Pricing.  

Let me start by saying, if you do struggle, you’re not alone. Most people, even bigger businesses, struggle with pricing. ​At the least, they don’t understand how they can optimize their pricing. ​How to get it​ working for ​them, rather than against. ​Pricing has an enormous impact on your ​business’ long term profitability business. We all know it’s important to get ​it right. ​​Get your pricing working for you and you’ll be on a path to profitability.

​First, you need to understand where you struggle with pricing the most. ​When you can identify ​the struggle, you’ll ​be clear on ​​what to focus on first. ​Get a few successes under your belt and you’ll gain momentum. It’ll build your confidence and you’ll find yourself trying out bigger, bolder things.

​Knowing the Struggle

​Often when clients come to me they say, “I’m struggling with pricing. I don’t know what to charge.” ​When we ​​dig a deeper, we discover that​ there’s more behind these statements. ​For example it’s common ​for people to think ​pricing is hard because they ​they get stuck trying to set the price. ​In fact, what’s holding them back is​ their core beliefs​. 

​They feel an internal tension around ​​the thought of setting prices. Often they don’t even realize what’s happening. ​Once they do set a price they feel uncertain ​it and they aren’t able to communicate ​it confidently. ​Sometimes they even​ find themselves hesitant to put the prices in the market.  

​Sometimes they believe ​they’re too expensive. ​In fact, it’s ​often that ​the target customers don’t understand the value. They need to communicate the value in a different way. ​Customers care first about what’s in it for them. To communicate value ​focus on the quantifiable benefits. Forget the functions and features. Talk the quantifiable benefits those functions and features bring the customer. ​

If you’re a​ service-based businesses ​STOP telling people what you do. Focus on getting them to understand what the benefits are.​

​Focus on Improvements

Once you know where you struggle with pricing the most, then ​get started on doing it better. Sometimes it’s something simple, the “low hanging fruit”. ​​Small adjustments will get you started. Other times it’ll take a bit more doing. What’s important is to just, ​GET STARTED. It’ll help you build your intuition and confidence. AND you’ll start bringing more profit into your business. ​​ As you already know a profit mindset makes you smart, not greedy.

The Top 10 Reasons

As I mentioned, in this video you’ll get a list of the top 10 reasons people struggle with pricing.  ​Start to identify the root of ​your struggle. In follow up videos to this series, I’ll go into more detail on ​each of the reasons. Be sure to check back to get them.

One last thing before I go. If you’ve got questions or want to see what others are struggling with, then check out my Facebook group – Charge Your Worth with Janene the Pricing Lady. Register, then share with us ​where you find pricing most difficult.  ​

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