Living without Fear and Pricing

Pricing is fun…honest. I know most people dread the topic but once you get into it you’ll see it’s actually interesting, creative, and fun too. Living with fear and pricing will get in the way of your business if you don’t tackle the problem. I recently sat down with Esther Bürki on her podcast Living Without Fear..listen to the episode.

Here’s what we discussed:

  • My independent streak and where’s it’s lead me
  • Overcoming fear and the two types of fear
  • Starting my own business and why it took me so long
  • And much more…

Clients thank me all the time for helping them change their relationship to the topic of pricing. Not only do they feel more confident about what they charge but they enjoy it more. Probably because they’re not struggling with it. They know what to do and how, they see it for the creative, business boosting tool that it can be.

A few words about the Living Without Fear podcast

After many decades of struggling with herself, after a lot of psychotherapies and too many antidepressants, she had a breakthrough at 57. Esther finally realized how to master her emotions and feelings of imposter syndrome.

Season 1 teaches you all she learned, and in season 2, she interviews amazing women about their turning points in life.

Enjoy our talk and much more on Apple Podcasts.

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