How to Use the Self-assessment Pricing Scorecard to Build a Better Business

Episode 70 | Live with the Pricing Lady (Thursdays 15.00 CET)

Let’s get you pricing and building a better business.

This week I released my newest tool the self-assessment Pricing Scorecard. 

I’ve had a Scorecard for a while now. Many of you have used it and shared your learnings and insights with me. The new one is a self-assessment tool, meaning you can download it immediately and use it without waiting for me. It’s based on 5 core pricing competencies (i.e. the 5 Steps to Pricing Success). The format is easily used by different types of companies.

In this week’s show I’ll walk you through it and talk about how you can use it and the results to start building a better, more sustainably profitable business.

Here are the highlights:
  • 0:53 Why is it important?
  • 1:34 Difference between old and new Scorecard
  • 3:41 Profit Awareness
  • 4:41 The Core Competencies
  • 8:56 The 5 Cardinal Rules
  • 11:24 How it can help you
Quotes from this episode:

“…when it comes to starting your own business is not just that you set prices, but you understand how to use pricing most effectively in your business.”

“…it’s your choice in your business, whether or not pricing is helping or hurting. And by doing the scorecard, you’re actually showing me that you believe that you can actually do better with pricing.”

” you have to understand how you’re going to set those prices, what things you need in your pricing in order to deliver it effectively to your customers, and course your price positioning.”

“What the scorecard does is helps you look at these five areas of competency and figure out where you’re struggling the most. So that you can start to figure out how to change that and make it better.”

Here you can get a full transcript of the episode.

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