3 Reasons to Look at Pricing Earlier Rather than Later

Episode 65 | Live with the Pricing Lady (Thursdays 15.00 CET)

Dear startups and new businesses start with pricing earlier on. 

Often when clients come to me they say “I’m not ready to talk about pricing yet.” Even though they’ve been at their business for months even years. Experience shows that pricing should should be looked at sooner rather than later. You may not go deep or finalize your prices that early, but they should be part of the process well in advance.

In this episode of Live with the Pricing Lady I shared the 3 main reasons why that’s so important. Too often people leave it to the last minute and find themselves in ​trouble later on. You can mitigate, even avoid such problems if you just start with pricing earlier. ​

​Putting it off won’t make it go away. Tackling it up front brings many benefits.

Here are the highlights:
  • 1:00 Who needs to know about this
  • 2:36 Reason #1 to start early with pricing
  • 5:30 Reason #2 to get started early with pricing
  • 6:54 Pricing is a way of being in your business
  • 7:39 Reason #3 to start sooner rather than later with pricing
  • 9:50 Starting early helps you

​Here’s the full transcript.

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