(VIDEO) Explore Your Options: What to do When Your Customer Says “That’s Too Expensive” Part 3

​Know your options. When a customer responds with that’s too expensive, it can send your brain into survival mode. For some that results in getting defensive, for others they feel the urge to run and others even shut down.  Even a slight trigger can result in making pricing decisions that aren’t really helpful.  

​From the first video in this series, you know that when a customer says’ “that’s too expensive” it’s often not what they mean.  ​You know from the second video, that you should take a deep breath, ask questions and then listen to what they tell you. Break the code of what they’re really saying and begin to understand how you can work well together.

Know You Have Options

​At this point it’s important for you to remember that you have lots of options a toolbox of pricing tactics that you can use. Too often we tell ourselves “we ​HAVE to grant a discount”. ​Such a mindset can lead to poor pricing decisions. Prepare in advance so that you know what options you have to use in different situations.

​Create a ​Positive Outcome

​​Focus on creating a positive outcome. Sometimes that’s getting the job and sometimes not. Often times it has to do with planting ​a seed so that a customer begins to think differently about what you do. ​Help them envision how you can work together and the outcomes they can achieve. ​Give them a taste of what it feels like.

In this video we ​spend a little time digging into some of those options and how they can help ​you reach that positive outcome. Sign up for ​my ​mailing to get the checklist that goes with this series.

Share your stories and experience.

​​What options do you use from your pricing tool box? Or what ideas would you like to share and get feedback on.  ​Share here, I’d love to hear from you so leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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