Reason #6: Why You Struggle with Pricing : It Feels Icky

​Do you ever find yourself avoiding or procrastinating doing your pricing? Ever hear yourself say, “Ick!” For some people pricing is very uncomfortable. ​Believe me, you’re not alone if that’s how you feel. ​​

In this short video we look at the two main reasons why pricing might feel icky. How do you know if this is you? Full transcript at the bottom of the page.


​​Having a business can be overwhelming at times. Often it feels like there’s more that we don’t know than we do. ​It’s because we’re learning so much. ​Sometimes ​all that learning​ becomes too much. We get overloaded ​by the things ​we’re not sure of. To cope with that we start to avoid ​those things. 

​For example, do you…

  • ​Put off setting your prices? 
  • ​​​Procrastinate​ ​communicating prices?
  • ​Hold up selling something because you’re not sure the price is right?
  • ​Avoid pricing conversations with customers?

If this sounds like you, the first thing you can do to move​ forward is focus on what you do know. From that you can build towards filling in the gaps.

Focus on What You Know

You know your customers​, your market​, and what you want to earn in your business. Make a list of what you do know when it comes to your pricing and start there.

Gain momentum ​this way. ​It’ll ​give you more energy and insight to dig into some the aspects you’re less familiar with. In other words, take a deep breathe and just get into it.

Sit down with a trusted friend or ​business mentor and run through your pricing logic with them. Talking through it out loud can be a great way to work it out. O​ften times you don’t even need for them to say anything. ​Simply hearing yourself ​vocalize it will help you decide if it’s good or not.

Of course if you want their feedback make​ sure it’s someone who gets your business. ​Someone who understands what you’re trying to build and achieve.

Then the next step is to start testing those prices in the market. At some point you just have to take the risk, to put the prices out there and see what happens.

​Pricing Isn’t Icky

​What’s most important to know is that if you feel this way you need to take concrete steps to change that attitude. You may never be as passionate about pricing as I am, but you do want to learn how to do it and how to use it best in your business.

​If you continue to tell yourself it’s icky, that mindset will affect what you do and how. Not in a positive way. Start by telling yourself “it’s not fun, yet”.

​Turn your thinking ​around.​ Start to see pricing as a tool to profit – to a healthier business. Make sure your attitude supports you in reaching your goals. Be kind with yourself about what you don’t know. Keep taking​ steps to build your pricing skills. The more certain you are about what you’re doing, the sooner you’ll be on the road to more business success.

​​Wrapping It Up

Watch this short video and read the transcript to learn about the two main reasons why pricing feels icky. Learn the two things you want to focus on doing so that you can change that attitude. We’re more than half way through the top 10 reasons you struggle with pricing.

​If you haven’t seen the top 10 reasons you struggle with pricing go back and have a look here.

​There’s no time like the present to get on the right track. ​​Find out more about ways you can WORK WITH ME​. 

​Until next time…enjoy pricing!​

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