Where to Go to Get More Visibility

​One of the things that can be most challenging in owning a business is gaining visibility, ​especially ​getting in front of your target market. ​There are many different ways to connect with your audience. ​In fact there are new sources popping up all the time; it can be a bit overwhelming. 

Visibility & Pricing

​Being visible is also important to ​your pricing. ​Let’s say you’ve built a great value communication. ​One that’s well focused on your target customer and your latest product. ​But you ​lack ​ visibility. ​That great message you’ve crafted isn’t getting to the right people. ​If you often ​hear “that’s too expensive” or “I don’t really need that right now”, this could be why. 

Being visible to your target market is as important to your pricing as knowing what you’re offering and to whom. ​Don’t discount how much impact ​visibility ​can have on the prices you charge.

​Coaching with an​ Expert

​We can all use guidance and help from time to time. When Amanda Berlin​ asked me to be on her show, I said “yes!” ​I joined her podcast, ​Empowered Publicity, to get some all important coaching. 

In this podcast we ​start with a bit about my background and how I’ve gotten to where I am now.  Then we shifted into the coaching, when she asked me “What’s most challenging now?” (​13min, 0 sec).  

​Then she asked me “How are you generating publicity now?” (14 min, 28 sec) ​

​Then we worked a bit on the clarity of my own call to action, when I do come into contact with people. Then we begin to explore what could I do more of, what could I do in a more enhanced way and what needs to be done differently. (18 min, 30 sec). 

One of the best things I’ve done in the past six months is develop my speaker (or media one) sheet. We talk a bit about that here, it’s a simple thing to put together. It’s also very helpful to people who are looking for speakers/interviewees. (27min, 18sec)

​We also spent a time discussing the potential for doing more online work in the form of live videos. (35 min, 45 sec) Then we move into priorities and setting some goals (40 min, 24 sec).

Grab your favorite beverage, sit down and enjoy Episode 163 of Empowered Publicity!​​

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