Let Pricing Supercharge Your Brand

Let Pricing Supercharge Your Brand on Branding the Experience

​Pricing is everywhere. One of the things I love about pricing, is that it ​​touches nearly every function ​in a company. ​It fascinates me. That also extends to your brand. You can supercharge the impact of your brand by having prices that are in ​alignment with your brand.

​Everywhere you go​ (if you pay attention) you’ll find ​examples. ​Pay attention to how prices are displayed, even if you don’t know the brand the prices give you important messages about the brand. For example, 99 cents tells you this business wants to be a low price leader. We’ve all seen it, we sense it and some of us use it.As business owners let me ask you this…”what do your prices say about your brand?”

Your prices can work for or against your brand. They can supercharge it, conflict with it or let all the “air” out of ​it. Part of setting the right prices is making sure that the message it gives is one that supports the brand experience for ​your customers.

​Branding the Experience

​I recently had the pleasure of meet Ken Bator (​of Bator Training & Consulting) at the New Media Summit. ​He got really excited ​and invited me to be on his show Branding the Experience.

​We ​discussed many aspects of​ pricing and branding ​and how they are related.

​I ​share the story about how I got the name “the Pricing Lady” (9m/40s). 

We ​touched on, what ​it is we’re trying to ​achieve by having the right prices (13m/26s). 

​We discussed how​ the way we speak about what we do influences pricing and branding (14m/44s).

​​Ken also asked if I have a pricing tip for you. ​You’ll find it at 16m, 41s.  It turns out that it’s just as valid for branding.

There’s much more in there to help you supercharge your brand using pricing.

​Enjoy the podcast.

​You can download the transcript.

I’d love to hear how you ​supercharge your branding with the right pricing. Head over to my my FB group “Charge Your Worth”​. ​Join us and share your thoughts.

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APR Why do I struggle to tell people what I charge?
MAY Should I offer tiers/packages for different segments?
JUN 3 simple actions when pricing objections arise
AUG How to reign in unnecessary discounting.
SEP 3 myths of raising prices

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