Pricing Fitness for Your Biz in 2021

Episode 58 | Live with the Pricing Lady (Thursdays 15.00 CET)

Pricing fitness is going to be what makes the difference for many business in 2021, if you decide to take it on. Like any challenge that means there’s work to be done. Time spent on improving pricing in you business will bring improvements in profit. That’s why in this episode I’ll share with you 5 (pricing) muscle groups you need to make sure are in tip top shape in order to get pricing right.

Profit is the main driver of a healthy business (check out short video Why Profit Equals Growth Not Greed). I’ll be frank, without profit you don’t have a business. As you know there are only 4 things that affect profits – price, volume, fixed costs and variable costs. Price is the most significant of those four. So it pays to spend time on pricing fitness in your business.

Do you struggle with pricing?

Have you not yet reached your profit targets?

Are you ready to optimize pricing that’s working but could be better?

If you’ve answered yes, then you’re going to want to join me for this episode. ​Here are the highlights:

  • 0:43 Pricing Fitness
  • 1:38 Profit Awareness
  • 4:23 Target Customer
  • 6:02 Setting Prices
  • 8:04 Getting Prices
  • 9:57 Managing Over Time
  • 11:25 Way of Being in Your Biz
  • 12:06 Get the Scorecard

Here are two tools that’ll help you get started this year.

Check out my Pricing Tool Kit, specifically the Profit Impact Calculator. This will help you better understand profit.

Want to pinpoint what you should focus on first when it comes to improving your pricing? Complete the quiz for the Pricing Scorecard and get your personalized results.

Pricing fitness could make the difference in 2021, you just have to make the commitment

Enjoy Pricing!

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