Mindset & Money

​One of the very interesting things about owning your own business is how your story, the personal journey you’ve taken to get where you are, has an impact on your relationship with money. 

​​That story, your journey influences how you get ​money, what you do with it, how it affects you and how you relate to it. It also impacts how you do pricing and relate to money in your business.

Discovering Courage

​I had the pleasure to discuss with Patricia Brooks when I was a guest on her podcast Discovering Courage earlier this year. ​I spoke about my journey of self-discovery over the years and moments where I felt like I needed courage. How that led me to where I am today.

The topic of courage is a special one. I think many people feel they don’t have courage. However on closer inspection you’ll find that everyone does. It comes in different forms, different contexts and is always apparent. It’s helpful when we take the time to look back and reflect on our own courageous behavior. What led us there? What brought us to that place? Did we leap right in or test the waters first? How did it feel? What was the outcome?

Doing so gives us more energy and the courage to continue pushing forward. It’s how we develop and grow further into becoming who we really are and showing up in the world as our most authentic selves.  

Where ​Are ​You ​Most ​Courageous?

After you listen to the ​interview I encourage you to take out a journal or notebook​. Set the timer for 20 minutes then use the following prompts to discover you’re our courageous moments, the feelings they inspire and where you need to step out more. As many of you know I do some work also in the area of mindfulness; journaling is a big part of that for me.

  • ​I’m most courageous when…
  • When I’m being courageous I feel….
  • A part of my life where I can use more courage is…
  • I can bring that courage into my life by…

Enjoy the podcast and the journaling exercise.

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