Is a tiered pricing model the right option for your coaching business?

Is a tiered pricing model right for your business?

As entrepreneurs and business owners, we constantly grapple with the challenge of pricing our products or services to meet various people’s needs. The decision to adopt a particular pricing strategy can have far-reaching consequences, impacting everything from customer acquisition to revenue generation. In this episode, we aim to shed light on the nuanced dynamics of supportive tiered pricing and unravel its significance in today’s competitive market landscape.

This episode’s guest, Avery Thatcher, has shifted to a “supportive” tiered pricing. She shares with us how she started her business, how her pricing has evolved and what led her to this model. We also talk about what it’s done for her business and why you might consider it for yours. I loved talking with her about this unique approach. The episode promises to offer valuable perspectives and actionable strategies to help you optimize your pricing approach.

Grab your notepad and get ready to dive into a stimulating dialogue that promises to expand your understanding of pricing strategies.

About this Episode’s Guest
Avery Thatcher is a seasoned ICU Registered Nurse turned stress management expert with a decade-long career focused on acute and chronic stress. Since establishing her business in 2015, Avery has dedicated herself to helping highly sensitive high achievers regain their energy and optimize their habits to prevent burnout and illness.

Through her Creating Calm app and group programs, she offers holistic solutions for thriving in today’s fast-paced world, empowering individuals to cultivate resilience and vitality.

Join me and Avery talk about the advantages and disadvantages of supportive tiered pricing so you can discover if it’s right for your business.

What to Listen out for:

  • 00:45 Introducing Avery Thatcher: A Journey Through Pricing
  • 04:57 The Challenges of Transitioning
  • 10:38 Tiered Pricing for Inclusivity and Success
  • 16:04 The Power of Curiosity in Business and Pricing
  • 17:38 Leveraging Niches and Understanding Customer Needs
  • 23:48 Looking Ahead: Expanding Avery’s Impact
  • 24:40 Final Thoughts and Resources for Entrepreneurs

Favorite quotes from this episode

“Learning how to run a business, how to market, how to talk about myself in a way that didn’t feel icky. All of those things were huge learning curves.” Avery Thatcher

“A lot of people feel pressure when it comes to their pricing because they think they have to get it right now. What’s important is to embrace curiosityv4 when it comes to your pricing.” Avery

“Every launch, whether it brought in someone or no one. I always went back to see okay, so what was it about this?” Avery

“No matter what price you pay, you get the exact same thing. It’s not like, if you pay more, you get this extra bonus of something. It’s like, no, everybody’s the same.” Avery

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Episode Summary

In the world of business, pricing plays a pivotal role in shaping the success and sustainability of a venture. Determining the right pricing strategy can often be a challenging task, but for Avery Thatcher, the journey towards finding the perfect pricing model led to the innovative concept of a tiered pricing model.

Avery Thatcher, a business owner with a background in healthcare and a passion for helping individuals combat burnout and chronic stress, shared her insights and experiences in a recent episode of “Live With The Pricing Lady.” The conversation delved into Avery’s transition from a registered nurse to an entrepreneur, her journey of self-discovery and rebranding as Avery, and the evolution of her business model towards tiered pricing.

Embracing a Curious Mindset

One of the key takeaways from Avery’s journey is the importance of embracing curiosity in business. By staying curious and open to experimentation, Avery was able to navigate through challenges, refine her pricing strategies, and connect with her target audience effectively.

Transitioning to Tiered Pricing Model

Avery’s move to tiered pricing was driven by a desire to make her services more accessible and inclusive. Tiered pricing allowed her clients to choose a pricing tier that aligned with their budget while receiving the same value and services. This unique approach not only increased sales but also fostered a sense of community and support among her clients.

Nurturing Approachability in Business

Avery’s story also highlights the power of approachability in business. Despite initial branding efforts aimed at a specific demographic, Avery’s authenticity and messaging resonated with a broader audience, emphasizing the importance of staying true to one’s values and connecting with customers on a personal level.

The Journey towards Corporate Speaking

Looking ahead, Avery’s focus on corporate speaking and expanding her services to organizations marks a new chapter in her entrepreneurial journey. By leveraging her expertise in combating burnout and stress, Avery aims to make a positive impact on a larger scale, while staying true to her core values and mission.

In conclusion, Avery Thatcher’s story is a testament to the transformative power of pricing strategies in business. From embracing curiosity to implementing innovative pricing models like a tiered pricing model, Avery’s entrepreneurial journey offers valuable lessons for aspiring business owners. By prioritizing inclusivity, authenticity, and continuous growth, she exemplifies the essence of adaptive and customer-centric business practices.

To learn more about Avery Thatcher and her transformative approach to business and pricing, visit her website at Explore the wealth of resources and insights she offers to support individuals on their journey towards holistic well-being and sustainable business success. And be sure to check out her tiered pricing model.

Thank you for joining us on this insightful exploration of tiered pricing and the entrepreneurial spirit. Stay tuned for more inspiring stories and strategies on “Live With The Pricing Lady” and remember, pricing can be a powerful tool to shape your business journey. Embrace curiosity, stay authentic, and enjoy the journey of pricing optimization.

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