Find the Right Prices Easier With a Single Customer Group

Episode 64 | Live with the Pricing Lady (Thursdays 15.00 CET)

How can you make finding the right prices easier? By starting with a single target customer group. 

Many entrepreneurs are afraid to choose a single target customer group. They fear by doing so they won’t sell to anyone else. 

The opposite is true. 

By being too general in who you’re targeting you will weed out many people because your message and offer will be too general to be intriguing. More importantly a general offer leads to below average prices. To make finding the right prices easier you need to get specific. 

In this episode of Live with the Pricing Lady I share with you the 5 reasons starting with one target customer group can make it easier to set the right prices and feel more confident about what you charge.Here’s what I covered:

  • 0:23 Everyone-itis
  • 1:11 Clarity
  • 2:05 Tailored offers
  • 2:40 Meaningful prices
  • 4:02 Value communication
  • 4:56 Build out as you grow
  • 6:07 Risky business
  • 6:41 Segment & prioritize
  • 8:55 The Challenge


  • “Too broad an audience…generalists in the market command lower than average prices.” The Pricing Lady
  • “Everyone-itis. …Get as much sales as they can…and their way of doing that is trying to serve everony.” The Pricing Lady

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You want to feel secure that you're offering the right price.

But you wonder, how?

Most people mistake pricing for just setting a price. It’s more than that. And you need to know what to do and how. Pricing either hurts or helps your business, let’s make sure it’s helping yours.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Why & what of Pricing
  • Models & Strategy
  • Common Pricing Mistakes
  • Where to Start with Pricing
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