Face Your Pricing Fears and Transform Your Business

Episode 72 | Live with the Pricing Lady (Thursdays 15.00 Central European Time)

It’s time to face your pricing fears.

When it’s your own business, pricing and fear often show up as a dynamic duo…and not in a good way. It’s a major reason why many young businesses struggle so much to get to a sustainably profitable state.

You have to recognize when fear is getting in the way and take steps to move through the fear. Only then can you shift things and start to transform your business.

That’s what’s happening in this episode of Live with the Pricing Lady and this weeks expert guest, Jo Ellen Newman. Jo Ellen is a transformation expert and owner of Transforming Your Tomorrows. She’s going to share with us her own pricing journey and how she’s handled her own pricing fears.

Here are the highlights:
  • 0:56 Who’s Jo Ellen Newman?
  • 5:28 What was it like when first faced with pricing in your business?
  • 6:43 Raising her prices
  • 14:00 Facing fear = Transformation
  • 17:32 Stepping into the vision of yourself
  • 21:36 Main takeaway of episode
  • 22:44 Advice to younger self (those just starting biz)
​My favorite quotes from this episode:

“Pricing was like…I called it Clueless in Seattle. Like the movie Sleepless in Seattle but only I was clueless.” Jo Ellen Newman

“I shared it [my prices] with a coach one time. She looked at me like I had four heads and said “You need to raise your prices.” Jo Ellen Newman

“How do I solve my fears? How do I solve myself doubts? How do I stop that imposter syndrome? those three things were chunks of emotions that I learned to say, this is not real. It may appear as fearful, but that’s your mind chatter. The false evidence appearing real like.” Jo Ellen Newman

“…pricing was the biggest hurdle. It really was for me, making sure that I was clear on that and clear within myself first and then looked at the market because the self image ​was what held me back.” Jo Ellen Newman

“​Once you decided to change your prices, you ​stepped outside that comfort zone and into this vision of yourself​.”  The Pricing Lady

“you can do the inner work, but if you don’t take the action with the new, you, then you really haven’t done the inner work. You haven’t, um, move beyond the fear, right?” Jo Ellen Newman

“That mindset has to translate into action.” Jo Ellen

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