(VIDEO) 4 types of questions to ask when your customer says “That’s too expensive!”

​It’s time to start asking questions, find out more, and get to the bottom of ​your customer’s hesitation.

They did it.  After all the you’ve invested, your potential client responded with “That’s too expensive!”. There’s silence now and you can feel that little nudge of panic rising. But you know what to do because you know (from “That’s Too Expensive Part 1) that it’s probably not what they really mean.  

It’s your chance to start figuring out what’s really going on and what’s most important to them.  

​Be curious

I don’t mean pepper them with myriad questions and put them on the defensive. I do mean be genuinely curious about their response and what’s behind it. ​  Right now you’re in (nice) detective mode. Gathering more information from what they say ​in order to figure out how best to proceed. Be authentic and ask to learn more about them and what they are really seeking.

Know what to ask & listen

In this episode we look at 4 areas to focus on when asking questions and what questions you can ask.  We also talk about the “L” word – listening.  When your ​client responds don’t assume you know the answers.  Listen like your hearing everything they say for the first time.  

Share your stories and experience.

​In the video you’ve heard a few examples of questions you can use in this situation. Depending on you and the client ​you’ll want to be selective and tailor what you ask​.

Share with us below how you’ve handled such situations – what questions you’ve ​posed and how the conversation went. I’d love to hear from you so be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

In the last part of this 3 part series we will look at how you can proceed after asking the questions. Guess what? You’ve got loads of options – so don’t miss out. ​


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