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Pricing Objections Guide | The Pricing Lady
Pricing Objections Guide
With Scripts

Struggle with what to say when your prospect objects to your prices? My Pricing Objections Guide has you covered.

Willingness To Pay | The Pricing Lady
DIY Guide & Tool

Ever ask yourself how much are my customers willing to pay? My DIY guide & tool for willingness-to-pay will help you get answers.

Optimize Your Offer

Send that offer or post that page knowing that it’s optimized for value & pricing psychology.

Complimentary offers

Pricing scorecard
Where do you stand in terms of pricing?

Pricing Scorecard is a self-assessment tool that shows you what is working (and not) and how you can develop your pricing to grow your business more quickly.

Simple. Insightful.

Pricing toolkit
Get up close & personal with the numbers in your business.

My Pricing Toolkit helps you see how pricing can either make or break your business. The tools help you better understand how your pricing decisions impact your profits.

Pricing checklist
“That’s Too Expensive”

Stumble around pricing discussions? How do you react when a client says,

“That’s too expensive!”

This video series and checklist ensures that you won’t be caught off-guard. Instead you’ll be ready to turn price objections into a win for  yourself and your client.



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