Why is it so hard to tell customers what you charge

Does it feel awkward (or excruciating) when you tell customers what you charge?

Pricing—it’s a topic that can often evoke feelings of uncertainty and discomfort. Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting out, articulating the price of your offer with confidence is crucial for business success.

In this episode, we’ll talk about the reasons why you struggle with pricing discussions. From the fear of rejection to concerns about being perceived as greedy, we’ll explore the psychological barriers that hinder your ability to communicate your prices effectively.

Fear not! This episode is more than just about identifying the problem; it’s about finding solutions. I’ll share with you practical strategies to overcome these challenges, drawing from real-life examples and expert insights. Whether it’s reframing conversations to focus on collaboration, structuring discussions to invite pricing inquiries, or embracing objections with curiosity, I’ve got you covered.

Regardless of, whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or a pricing novice, join me as I share with the tools and strategies needed to navigate pricing discussions with more ease. Get ready to level up your pricing game and unlock the potential of your business.

So tune in and discover how you can talk with more ease and confidence about what you charge.

What to Listen out for:

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:46 The Struggle with Pricing: Why It’s Hard to Talk About
  • 03:06 Understanding the Fear Behind Pricing Discussions
  • 08:52 Strategies to Overcome Pricing Anxiety
  • 16:43 Concluding Thoughts and Resources

Favorite quotes from this episode

“For most people, what they know of pricing is from being a consumer… the retail industry. In that industry, there’s not a whole lot of conversation. As a result not only do you learn the wrong tactics and strategies for your business, but you don’t learn how to have those pricing conversations.” Janene

“People tend to think if they have too high a price, everybody else will think they’re greedy. And they want to hide. This is especially true for many women.” Janene

“Benefits are not value. Benefits actually are the step before value.” Janene

“When it comes to pricing, if you have the competence to know how to set your prices and how to communicate the value, you’ll feel more confidence.” Janene

Confidently talk about what you charge

“One of the main reasons that people freeze is because they fear rejection.” Janene

“Your focus (during a sales discussion) should be on finding a solution that works for you both, not on just selling them something.” Janene

“Structure your discussions in a way that works most effectively for you and for the types of clients or customers that you’ll be working with.” Janene

“It’s really important to build that competence of knowing how to choose or how to define the right prices for your business so that you have the confidence to be able to communicate it.” Janene

Episode Links

Handling Pricing Objections Guide: https://thepricinglady.com/pricing-objections-guide/

The Customer Compass (previously the Customer Value Challenge):  https://thepricinglady.com/thecustomercompass

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Episode Summary

Feeling nervous during pricing discussions is not unusual, it’s what you do to ease that pain that will make the difference. Let’s help you identify why you might struggle to tell you customers what your prices are and help you start doing it with more confidence and grace.

Understanding the Fear of Pricing & What you Charge

When it comes to discussing pricing with clients, many of us can relate to the nerve-wracking feeling that creeps in. In this episode, we dived deep into the reasons behind why individuals struggle to communicate the price of their offers effectively. I shed light on the common fears and uncertainties that accompany pricing discussions, offering valuable insights into overcoming these challenges.

The Fear of Rejection and Perceived Greediness

One of the primary reasons individuals freeze up when it comes to discussing pricing is the fear of rejection. I emphasize how this fear stems from the pressure of wanting the client to make a purchase, even before fully understanding their needs. Additionally, there is often a fear of being perceived as greedy, especially for women in business. Overcoming these fears involves reframing the conversation and focusing on providing value rather than just making a sale.

Lack of Confidence in Pricing Strategy

Another key factor contributing to the struggle of communicating prices is the lack of confidence in one’s pricing strategy. If you don’t believe it them then sharing with others what you charge will be a struggle. I point out that without a clear understanding of why a certain price has been set, it’s challenging to convey that value to potential clients. Building competence in pricing and effectively communicating the value of the offer are essential steps in boosting confidence in pricing discussions.

Strategies to Overcome Pricing Hurdles

To address these challenges, I offer practical strategies that you can use to improve your pricing conversations and to feel more confident talking about what you charge. From focusing on the higher purpose of finding a solution for both parties to structuring conversations to lead clients towards asking about pricing, these tactics aim to reduce the pressure and nervousness often associated with pricing discussions.

Practice and Preparation

One of the key takeaways from these insights is the importance of practice and preparation in handling pricing conversations. By preparing for pricing discussions with a trusted friend and anticipating objections, individuals can feel more confident and in control during these interactions. Understanding how to handle objections and responding with curiosity rather than panic can significantly impact the outcome of pricing discussions.

Embracing Confidence in Pricing

In conclusion, my advice highlights the value of understanding the underlying reasons for struggling with pricing discussions and taking proactive steps to address these challenges. By building confidence in pricing strategy and mastering the art of effective communication, individuals can navigate pricing conversations with ease and professionalism.

I wrap up the episde by emphasizing the importance of self-awareness and continuous improvement in pricing conversations. By identifying personal hangups around money, success, and worthiness, individuals can work towards a more confident and empowered approach to discussing pricing with clients. Remember, pricing discussions don’t have to be intimidating – with the right mindset and strategies, you can master the art of pricing with poise and proficiency.

Thank you for tuning in to Live With The Pricing Lady. If you found this blog post insightful, feel free to share it with your network. Stay tuned for more pricing insights and remember, pricing is not just a number—it’s a reflection of your business’s journey. Enjoy pricing!

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