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Customer value challenge

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Pricing Is Rooted in a Deep Understanding of the Customer

It’s no wonder you don’t feel confident about what you charge, you’re guessing at what your customers TRULY VALUE.

Discover the EXACT strategies I’ve used in 1000’s of customer interviews to understand what
they value most & how they make buying decisions.
Be an EXPERT in your customers. Confidently charge for the value YOU DELIVER.
Join me, Janene, your pricing expert and challenge host.

Simply put, when you know what your customers value you can...


create better offers

tailored to what your customers really value


speak value

communicate confidently & connect powerfully


get better prices

by offering the right things to the right people


earn more money

close more deals and/or get better prices

Know thy customer. Know thy price.

Well structured, easy to follow & fun!

Thanks to the Customer Value Challenge I have run a survey and narrowed down my target customers. I have bigger clarity on what I can offer. I feel more confident in developing my business. I would recommend attending any of the programs, Janene has an enormous knowledge. And she takes care of you.

Marta Koncz

Business Owner

I was nervous approaching customers

Before I felt uncertain about approaching customers. After completing the Customer Value Challenge, I feel confident when reaching out and having those conversations. Janene is very well structured and presents topics professionally. Thanks to her, I understand pricing is also a state of mind.


Benjamin Grappin

Founder, Classic Parts Finder

5 Modules Over 10 Days

Who & Where

It's not always obvious where to start with interviews. We'll talk about different strategies. You'll research to create a list of individuals to reach out to.

Pitch to Book

Oh my, what to say when requesting an interview? Many people get stuck right here. We'll look at different approaches & you'll get example scripts.

Interview Qs

Working with a guide is helpful when doing interviews. Here you'll focus on creating your scripted guide and the questions you need to ask.

Interview Tactics

There's an art to interviewing & I'll share with you my experience. You'll get proven tactics to your help interviews flow naturally and tips to help you get the best results.

Using the Results

On the last day you'll have completed some interviews. I'll be sharing with you how to use the results, what to watch out for and what to do next.

What we're going to do...

You’ll learn the EXACT strategies Janene has used in 1000’s of customer interviews to understand what they value most and to build the right pricing strategies. Over 10 days we have 3 live sessions, including live Q&A and mock interviews.  You’ll research, pitch, create your interview guide, interview customers and gather value insights into your customers world.


What you'll discover...
  • their biggest challenges
  • what they seek in a solution
  • what they value from suppliers like you
  • how they make buying decisions
  • their spending habits
What's it's not.

This is not a price-setting program. This type of research will help you build your business, understand what your customers value, know how they make buying decisions and help you set the right prices. Getting specific about who you’re targeting and being able to find out what they really want is the foundation of setting good prices.

Who this is for?

Small business owners who need to understand customers but are overwhelmed or intimidated by thought of interviewing them.

Startups who want to stop guessing & make life easier by knowing who their customers are and what they value.

Young businesses seeking a PROVEN, step-by-step process to understand customers & learn how they make buying decisions.

Options for joining...

The next program begins SOON
All live sessions are 60-75 minutes long. You’ll get the best results when you do the work and join the live sessions. You’re developing skills so engage in the program, do the work and reap the benefits.

Remember what you learn here will take you forward now and be useful later on as your business develops and grows. This is an small investment in your future.

VIP Ticket

get lifetime access & Bonus Sessions too
197 CHF
  • Everything in basic AND –
  • Lifetime access to the program content and recordings
  • BONUS Pricing Mindest Session to start tackling mindset challenge
  • BONUS Pricing Power Hour post program

Basic Ticket

Customer Value Challenge
147 CHF
  • Five core topics covered over 10 days
  • Access to FB Group & course platform for 12 days
  • Live Sessions including Q&A and Mock Interviews
  • Challenge workbook, email scripts, sample questions & example mock interview scenarios

Don't take my word for it. Read what others have to say about working with me.

“I strongly recommend Janene to anyone setting up a business. Before our work I wasn’t sure if my idea of pricing was legitimate. After, I had a custom pricing model – now it feels like the right strategy.”

Gesa Bury

Founder, BURY | WALZ Healthcare Brand Consulting

Janene’s way of coaching suited me very well. I could prepare over a period of time with self-learning and afterwards run questions and ideas by her in one-on-one sessions. I enjoy her frank and caring way of support. Thanks heaps… highly recommended to those who wanna learn more about pricing and how to set their value right.

Ananda Staudenmann

Founder Ganzheitliche Körpertherapien & Training

I did not know where to start my pricing at all. Now, I understand how pricing works much better. I understand my business figures and which factors I need to influence to affect pricing and revenue outcome. Janene exceeded my expectations.

Kevin Mauer


How I became The Pricing Lady

Like many people I didn’t know Pricing was a career track. I stumbled upon it early in my career and was instantly fascinated by the logical puzzle it presented.

This deep interest led me to work through my pricing professional certification and made me Europe’s most trusted pricing expert for small businesses.

But there’s more to pricing than pure logic and an official certificate. What makes pricing so fascinating is how to combine hard facts and figures to emotions, mindset and confidence. It’s a formula that combines logic, creativity and psychology.

One word of warning though: my passion for pricing is contagious! The chances are that working with me will cause you to get all excited about your pricing, too.

Questions? Want to talk more?