Build your own

pricing strategy

Feel confident you've got the right prices.

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Be at the Helm of Your Business

60% of small businesses are barely surviving or operating at a loss?
You don’t have to be one of them, but it’s up to you to get it right. Where to start?
Build your own pricing strategy step-by-step with an expert to guide you
Your business is like a vehicle that needs to be steered along the right course. Your pricing strategy is the steering wheel – without it you can’t stay on course or know when and how to adapt. Know what’s needed to set the right prices.

With a pricing strategy, you'll ...


reduce the risk

of basing prices on false assumptions


be more confident

about pricing in your business


feel more secure

that you're positioned your prices correctly


stop wasting time

worrying that your prices are wrong

Ultimately, you'll have a framework and the rules of engagement for growing revenue and profits.

I’ve raised my prices with confidence.

Working with Janene changed my worry into confidence. She helped me build a framework that allows me to price my products and services easily and communicate my prices with confidence. Thanks to Janene’s help, I’ve been able to raise my prices. And it was fun and creative, too!
Pauliina Rasi

Communications Consultant

We cover 5 core topics over 6 weeks.


The Customer is key to understanding value, it's also where we start to understand &build your strategy.


Once you know who, then we can focus on what you'll offer and the journey customers take with you offer.


You're not alone in the market. You'll look at who else is present and what it means to your pricing.

Cost / Profit

Understand cost & profit; make more informed decisions. Here we lift the lid on what's driving success in your business.

Finalize It

Once we've gone through the steps we'll put it all together into your strategy & ways of working.

What we're going to do...

Over six weeks I’ll take you all step-by-step through building your pricing strategies. Each week there are short instructional videos, plus 1 or 2 exercises and a live Q&A session.


Clients have told me...

…time and again when we do the pricing strategy that they see their own value and appreciate the worth of what they offer in a way they never have. They also understand how their business model can be profitable and what it will take them to get it there.

What's it's not.

This is not a price-setting program. Before we set prices we need to build the strategy (i.e. gather info and figure out the right way to use pricing), funnily enough the steps are similar. Some clients find that the pricing strategy gives them enough information to set prices on their own. For those with more complex businesses you may want more support.



Who this is for

This program is ideal for Micro-entrepreneurs, Startups and Solopreneurs. The program is fit for both product and service-based businesses. It’s the same steps  you will just emphasize different elements.


Options for joining...

Starting soon.

Live calls on will be weekly at a fixed time (central European time) on Zoom. During which there will be live coaching, time to work on your tasks and Q&A.

Short videos will be posted in the FB Group each week prior to the live session. They’re instructional videos and will help you do the work.

This is an investment in you. Do the work to get the results. Some work can be done during live sessions. You’ll also need extra time in between to finish up.

VIP Plus

get additional one-to-one feedback on your price positioning
  • Everything in VIP plus...
  • Two individual coaching sessions


get lifetime access & tools to further support you
  • Everything in BASIC plus...
  • Lifetime access to the videos & live session recordings
  • Customer Interview Guide
  • Profit Simulation Tool


Build your pricing strategy
  • Weekly instructional videos
  • Weekly live coaching/working sessions
  • 7 weeks access to private FB Group, videos and live session replays.
  • Build your own strategy workbook.

Don't take my word for it. Read what others have to say about working with me.

“Janene has an incredible ability to really understand your business and help you put in place a meaningful commercial strategy. She helped me think critically not only about pricing but also my business value and impact. I recommend Janene to anyone who wants to take their business and commercial strategy to the next level.”

Tessa James


“Working with Janene has been a joyful, enriching and totally revealing experience. Janene was able to take the essence of who I am and what I want to offer my clients, and synthesize it in an extremely simple and explicit way. Today, I offer my services in a much more assertive way than before. Clients feel reassured and trust me more quickly to work with me. I can only encourage everyone to work with Janene when it comes to having a consistent pricing strategy that is aligned to the person we are!”

Catherine Schöpfer

The Cancer Coach

I did not know where to start my pricing at all. Now, I understand how pricing works much better. I understand my business figures and which factors I need to influence to affect pricing and revenue outcome. Janene exceeded my expectations.

Kevin Mauer


How I became The Pricing Lady

Like many people I didn’t know Pricing was a career track. I stumbled upon it early in my career and was instantly fascinated by the logical puzzle it presented.

This deep interest led me to work through my pricing professional certification and made me Europe’s most trusted pricing expert for small businesses.

But there’s more to pricing than pure logic and an official certificate. What makes pricing so fascinating is how to combine hard facts and figures to emotions, mindset and confidence. It’s a formula that combines logic, creativity and psychology.

One word of warning though: my passion for pricing is contagious! The chances are that working with me will cause you to get all excited about your pricing, too.

Questions? Want to talk more?