The Pricing Lady on the Off My Duff Podcast

Talking pricing with Duff Gardner host of Off My Duff Podcast. It was such a pleasure to be on the show with Duff. He and I met earlier this year at the New Media Summit (thanks to host Steve Olsher). Afterwards he reached out and asked me to come on the show.

Duff comes from the startup world and has seen first hand how much new businesses especially service-based businesses struggle with pricing. He invited to come to talk about pricing and de-mistify the topic.

He had a lot of great questions for me. We covered a lot of ground.​ I had a great time being on the show with him and I’m sure you’ll enjoy listening. Here are some highlights:

  • The three faults in comparing your pricing to another competitor
  • The purpose of implementing a pricing framework to determine your pricing in different markets and understanding price erosion
  • Putting yourself out of your comfort zone in order to price yourself at what you are truly worth
  • The importance of connecting with your target customer group in order to evaluate your services and establish that win-win situation

A few words about the Off My Duff Podcast

Off My Duff is all about “getting off your backside”… And, finally, Making Your Impact by Living Your Truth… If you are an entrepreneur with a heart to help others, you’re in the right place. In his podcast, host and award-winning serial entrepreneur Duff Gardner chats openly with a diversity of guests from 7 figures to just starting out, because that’s how we roll. Off My Duff is the nudge you need to expand your business, and slay resistance.

Enjoy his interview with me and much more on the Off My Duff Podcast.

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