Reason #9: Core Beliefs Are Getting in Your Way

Have you ever felt something is holding you back from setting prices or even selling things. Even though you may have the skills, the strategy and the know-how, you’re still struggling all the time. There is something getting in your way…Core Beliefs. They’re tricky because most of the time they’re blocking you without you even realizing it.

We all build up Core Beliefs as we go through life. Some serve a purpose but as time goes by they’re are many that just simply get in the way. They can block you when it comes to pricing and money in your business.

In this short video I talk about what Core Beliefs are, the impact they have on your business and what you can you do about them. Full transcript at the bottom of the page.


Core Beliefs are a way in which your subconscious is protecting you. For example: your body will put up a defense if you experienced a bad outcome or significant trauma or you found yourself in a bad situation when you were younger. In order to stop you from doing that again (or being in a similar situation) the mind creates a story that it repeats over and over again. It thinks it’ll keep you from making the same mistake twice. Many of them just stop you from doing the things you need to do, to be successful.


Both when it comes to your private life and your business life, Core Beliefs are front and center. They have a huge impact. The stickiest ones are often related to money, success and worthiness.  For example, you may think that Money is the root of all evil. That will affect what you do and how you do things related to money in your business. If you believe you’re not worth or don’t deserve success, you might be secretly sabotaging your own efforts to have a profitable business. Of course, most of this is going on without you realizing it.


The first step toward breaking the core belief “stories” is to listen. What do I mean by that? Pay attention to your inner thoughts, what​’s going on in your head. Also, listen to what you’re saying in conversations with other people. Especially in those cases when you’re feeling defensive or triggered.  What reasons are you giving people for what’s not happening, then dig into them a little deeper. Challenge those thoughts and scrutinize them to find out if they are indeed true and helping you or not.  


You might find yourself telling a story: “I can’t have it both ways!”. When these types of statements cross your mind, ask yourself this question: How do I know that’s true? Keep asking the question until you’ve drilled down and uncovered the truth. Only then will you start to be released from the grasp of such core beliefs. 


A colleague of mine was living in one town and her boyfriend was in another 5 hours drive away. He wanted her to move to him but she kept putting it off always telling him, she didn’t want to lose all her clients. Words like ALL, NEVER, CAN’T etcetera can be signs that you’ve got a core belief…A conflicting story running it’s course. There are plenty of steps my colleague could take to mitigate losing clients and that’s just what she did. After we talked a bit about her fears (i.e. the core belief stories) she was able to work through them so they weren’t blocking her any more.

​​Wrapping It Up

Watch the short video and read the transcript to learn about why you have Core Beliefs and what you can do about it. Do you struggle with a particular core belief? If so,I’d love to hear about it, hop on over to and share your thoughts.  

​If you haven’t seen the top 10 reasons you struggle with pricing go back and have a look here.

​Until next time…enjoy pricing!​

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