Mastering Price Increases

Raising your prices can feel like a risk. I’ll show you how to mitigate the downsides & more confidently make  changes. Let’s take the worry out of adjusting your prices.

It’s time to take action.

Changing Prices Group Course

Keep Your Business on Track for Success

This self-paced course focuses on assessing if prices need to change and how to go about doing it effectively. Allowing you to…


Most entrepreneurs need to think more creatively about what changes to make and how. I'll show you different ways to get the results you're looking for.


Many entrepreneurs feel less confident or afraid to change prices, even when there are clear signs they should. When you know what's needed and why, you feel more confident to take action.


You need both the right strategy and the right words when it comes to successfully communicating pricing changes to your customers. Learn from my experience what to do / not to do.

Give yourself the possibility to earn more, get higher quality clients & reinvest back in your business.

A few words about the program

Ask yourself: Can raising my prices bring my business 1,000 CHF or more?
If you believe that or more is possible then let me show you how. Get registered today!

What you'll cover...

In just 4 weeks, you can be ready to communicate your upcoming prices changes.


We start by looking at what's happening right now that makes it important to make changes and how that will influence which adjustments you choose to make.


Next, you'll decide which changes to make, to what and by how much. You'll learn to do the math so you can understand the impact on your business and adjust if needed.


The third week is all about planning. How you're going to implement this to different customers and what to do if / when the respond negatively to what you communicate. Be prepared!


In the final week we'll discuss different communication strategies & you'll prepare your written communication. This will set the stage for how clients respond successful execution.


 4 self-paced modules one a week from when you register.  Giving you time to do the work at a reasonable pace. You’ll get access to course platform (for lifetime of the program), the workbooks, and a simulation tool.


525 CHF per person and your time. Go through the modules and do the work.

You’ll be gathering data, doing some analysis and creating your communication and plan.



During check out you can upgrade to include a 1:1 Strategy Session with me.

Here we can go deeper into your personal price change strategy and/or review your how you’ll communicate the price changes to customers.


Get on the waitlist (no obligation) and you’ll be one of the first to know when the course is open for enrollment.

Who's it for

This self-paced online course is ideal for solo-entreprenuers, micro businesses and startups who have a small number of offers / products and a simple business model. Ideally you’ve been in business for at least 3 years and are getting ready to raise prices. But you’re not feeling confident about what to do and how to do it. Note: This program doesn’t cover how to set prices.

What you'll need

In the course you’ll be given the information on what’s needed. I suggest you work with what you have so don’t worry if you don’t have something. Bring an open mind and a readiness to “roll your sleeves up” and do some work. Focus on the end goal being an announcement to your customers that your prices will change.

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She raised her prices successfully. So can you.

Raised prices with confidence!
Janene helped me a lot, when I decided to raise my prices. She helped me draft arguments to convince my client so that he didn’t even say anything but just paid the bill.

Esther Bürki | Swiss Made Story

I'm Janene

Hi. Raising prices can feel scary but with this course I show you step by step how to prepare, plan and execute.

I’ve helped people all over the globe successfully change their prices and I can help you too. I’m a Certified Pricing Professional and Business Strategist. My mission is to help small businesses be more sustainably profitable through pricing. And help people like you make better business decisions with more confidence.

Worry less and earn more.

Change Your Prices with The Pricing Lady

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