Live with The Pricing Lady!

Welcome to Live with The Pricing Lady, The Podcast. For many businesses pricing seems like a great big mystery. Here we have frank conversations about pricing, how to do it better and how it helps you…

  • Build a sustainably profitable business.
  • Charge for the value your offer brings clients.
  • Communicate value and price with certainty and confidence.
  • Optimize price positioning to help you grow your business.

In this Pricing Podcast you’ll learn from successful, savvy and seasoned entrepreneurs & experts. You’ll also get simple tips and strategies from those who’ve gone before you. Listen and enjoy making your business more profitable!


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Pricing Podcast episodes…

Here you’ll find all kinds of topics related to business strategies, improving prices and how to tackle the mindsets that get in the way. I’m sure you’ll find interesting insights, great stories and tips. Do you have an idea for a great episode for this pricing podcast? Reach out and share your ideas.


Profit Puzzles: Decoding Pricing, Value, and Crowdfunding Campaigns on Live with The Pricing Lady
Understanding value is the key to unlocking pricing and profits. Some aren’t sure how to “calculate” value, others struggle to communicate it, others don’t understand profit and some struggle with a combination. What I do know for a fact is ...
Profitable Pricing Mindset on Live with The Pricing Lady
There is no doubt about it that to succeed in your business you will need to embrace a profitable pricing mindset. But what is that and what keeps people from having it? Pricing and mindset are linked. You can know ...
Unveiling Strategies for Pricing Unique Offerings on Live with The Pricing Lady
Ready to break free from the ordinary? Many Startups are working on technologies that just a few years ago didn’t even exist. They weren’t even possible, maybe not even a dream. Technology is evolving fast and so are the new ...
What does Good, Fast or Cheap mean for your Service Prices? On Live with The Pricing Lady
As a business owner, you’ve probably heard the saying “You can be good, you can be fast, or you can be cheap. Pick two.” Is it really that simple? 🤔 Recently someone wrote to me that they were struggling with ...

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More about me


I’m Janene, The Pricing Lady!

A highly-trusted Business Strategist and Pricing Coach for small businesses, entrepreneurs & startups. And a Certified Pricing Professional. My mission is to empower small businesses and startups. like yours, to confidently create, communicate and charge for the value they deliver. Helping you build a more sustainably profitable business. That’s what I strive to achieve through my Pricing Podcast and offers.

Do you want to improve your profits or gain more clarity and confidence in your prices? I’m curious what price or business related questions you have. Share your questions with me then let’s see if we can get you some answers.

This pricing podcast is built for you – help me make it great! And be sure to share it with your colleagues.


Pricing Podcast with Janene
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