Pricing insights for women-led businesses

How can women-led businesses determine their pricing strategy?

That’s what my guest and I talked out in this latest episode. Welcome to Live With The Pricing Lady, the Podcast! I’m dedicated to helping female entrepreneurs build profitable businesses while making a meaningful impact. With over 20 years of experience in pricing strategy, I’m here to help you understand the value of your offer and confidently get prices that reflect that value.

Today’s episode features Shannon Tacheny, an accomplished brand strategist and owner of Feather Blue Studios. Shannon’s entrepreneurial journey is truly inspiring. From photography to brand strategy and marketing and business coaching, she has continually evolved her approach to pricing and value. I invited her to come on the show to share her journey – to share her pricing insights for women-led businesses. As well as what she sees in her clients as they struggle with their pricing.

Our conversation explores the pivotal moments that shaped Shannon’s pricing philosophy. She reveals the liberating realization that there are no fixed limits to what clients might pay for a product or service. It all comes down to who we are targeting, what they value and what you feel is possible for your business. This episode explores pricing as a powerful tool for positioning, growth, and creating meaningful impact.

About this Episode’s Guest

Meet Shannon Tacheny, a dynamic brand and marketing strategist dedicated to empowering big-hearted female entrepreneurs. With over 15 years of entrepreneurial experience spanning multiple industries, Shannon is passionate about helping women embrace their unique gifts and personalities to attract clients authentically.

Through her expertise in crafting compelling brand stories and simplifying online marketing strategies, she guides entrepreneurs towards success without sacrificing authenticity or burning out. Based in Minnesota with her family, Shannon finds joy in fostering confidence and purpose in others while indulging in simple pleasures like chai tea, dark chocolate, and the serenity of the beach.

Come along as we explore Shannon’s path, glean from her wisdom, and uncover practical pricing insights for women-led businesses – helping you more confidently find the right prices for your offer.

What to Listen out for:

  • 00:45 Meet Shannon
  • 03:59 Starting a Business: Challenges and Inspirations
  • 17:12 Transition to Marketing and Brand Strategy
  • 18:37 Struggles with Project Management and Pricing
  • 20:45 Balancing Purpose and Profit
  • 25:29 Understanding Client Value Perception
  • 28:32 Celebrating Pricing Successes
  • 30:30 Final Thoughts

Favorite quotes from this episode

“We all need the outside person(s) to help us see what we have to bring to the table.” Shannon Tacheny

“Sometimes you go backwards in your pricing. Sometimes you go backwards in your confidence and. Yeah, there’s just a lot of psychological elements that go along with pricing.” Shannon

“(As business owners) we should make the mental shift to say, it’s not their (the customer) fault for being naive about pricing. It’s my responsibility to educate about why it has this value – and that’s a big part of marketing.” Shannon

“Sometimes you need someone to say you have all this expertise and you work so hard, you’re allowed to have a break. To take a vacation. And it’s wise to do so as well.” Shannon

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Shannon’s Superpower: Connecting and Elevating Businesses

Shannon begins the conversation by sharing her superpower: helping business owners, particularly women, connect their offerings with their audience through brand strategy and messaging. With a combination of empathy and communication skills, Shannon pulls out the unique essence of businesses and articulates it in a way that resonates with potential clients. This superpower has proven invaluable in her various business ventures. Through the story of her journey, Shannon shares with us her pricing insights for women-led businesses and more.

The Transition to Entrepreneurship

Shannon’s entrepreneurial journey started right out of college. With a passion for design, she began her career crafting handbags and jewelry. Her instincts and drive led her to work with a thriving jewelry artist, where she learned about small business operations, including the critical aspect of pricing. However, like many new entrepreneurs, she initially underestimated the time involved in her pricing, focusing more on materials and market positioning.

Pivoting to Photography and the Evolution of Pricing

After moving cities and starting a family, Shannon transitioned into photography, running a successful studio for ten years. This shift brought new challenges in pricing since photography involves both services and products. Shannon experienced early success by pricing prints appropriately, but as the industry shifted towards digital images, she had to navigate the perceived value of digital versus print.

She candidly shares how she received her first significant payment from a client, highlighting the common struggle of undervaluing one’s time. Shannon emphasizes the psychological aspect of pricing and its impact on confidence as an artist and business owner.

From Marketing Firm to Brand Strategy

Shannon’s journey continued with the launch of a full-service marketing firm, eventually niching down to brand strategy and business mentoring for women. This shift required a different approach to pricing, moving from tangible deliverables to impactful transformations for clients. Shannon learned to balance what she needed to earn with the value she provided, considering her total available time and desired work-life balance.

Overcoming Perception Challenges

One of the most challenging aspects Shannon faced was handling undervaluation from clients. If there’s one pricing insight for women-led businesses she wanted to share with us, it was her own experience in gaining confidence in what she charged. She shares an eye-opening story about a client comparing the value of her family’s photographs to a designer handbag. This moment helped Shannon realize the importance of marketing the value of her services effectively, transforming client perceptions through clear and confident messaging.

Pricing Insights for Women-led Businesses Wrap-Up

Shannon reflects on how setting a high price for her services and successfully securing clients at that rate has been one of her greatest achievements. This experience reinforced the notion that one’s perceived pricing limits can often be exceeded, aligning with a visionary CEO mindset. Shannon and I encourage you to reflect on the pricing insights you’ve gain from this episode and how it can help you build your confidence and your business to that next level.

That’s all for this episode on pricing insights for women-led businesses, we hope you enjoyed. To all our readers and listeners, thank you for joining us on this insightful journey. Remember, pricing can either hurt or help your business. Let’s make sure it’s helping you reach your dreams.

To learn more about Shannon Tacheny and her approach to business and pricing as a woman who leads businesses, visit her website at Feather Blue Studios on Facebook and Instagram. With over 15 years of entrepreneurial experience across multiple industries, Shannon helps big-hearted female entrepreneurs leverage their unique gifts and personalities to attract clients they love. She focuses on creating deeply-rooted brand stories and simple online marketing paths, all without feeling awkward or salesy. Don’t miss out on her valuable insights and tips—follow her today!

Thank you for joining us on this insightful exploration of tiered pricing and the entrepreneurial spirit. Stay tuned for more inspiring stories and strategies on “Live With The Pricing Lady” and remember, pricing can be a powerful tool to shape your business journey. Embrace curiosity, stay authentic, and enjoy the journey of pricing optimization.

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