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Simone Köchli - Loopi

Simone Köchli

Co-Founder, Loopi

Invest in a good Pricing Strategy early on. To other startups we at Loopi say (even with limited financial resources) it is important to invest in a good pricing strategy from an early stage - it pays back! Janene has a tremendous amount of experience and an amazing personality. It is worth investing, to get her experience and support!​

Learn about 3 secrets you need to know about the Pricing mistakes Startups make that kill profits.


There Are 2 Super Simple Aspects of Price Any Business MUST Manage.

Most people are overly focused on one thing and kind of ignore the rest. But the best businesses effectively manage both pricing aspects. Understand the Leaky Bucket of Pricing – and what it means for you (and your team).


Pricing Can Either Hurt or Help Your Business – It’s Up To You.

That’s right pricing can go either way and how you embrace it or not and how you and your team behave has a huge impact on which way it goes. The sooner you know what to do and how, the sooner you can reap the benefits.


Most Startups Make the SAME Pricing Mistakes & Are Totally Unaware

The same mistakes are made time and again in pricing but you can take steps to avoid them – to lessen the negative impact. Find out what they are and what you  (and your team) can be doing differently.

More About Janene

Janene’s Work with Small Businesses is proven to help people feel more certain about what they offer, what they charge for it and to help them build sustainably profitable businesses. She shows people how to understand the true value behind what they deliver and confidently charge the right prices.

Since 2004, Janene has been fully focused on helping businesses get better a pricing their products, services and software. First in the corporate world – where she earned her Certified Pricing Professional designation. Then later when she started her own Consultancy & Coaching business. 

She works with entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses who are ready to start charging the right prices for their offers and get serious about building a profitable business. Her systems and tools are designed to be simple, practical and powerful assets to your business – enabling you to feel more sure about about what you charge. You align your pricing with your business, customers and your values with the goal to build a more sustainably profitable business that’s there for the long term. She’s on a mission to make sure small businesses are not undervaluing themselves and undercharging their clients. Instead she helps clients turn their purpose into (sustainable) profits. 

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Janene helps small business owners, just like you. Get the right prices, work with better clients, work a less, earn more & feel more confident – typcial results her clients experience.