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Welcome to the Live with The Pricing Lady, The Podcast. Let’s have a conversation about how to successfully:

  • Build a sustainably profitable business.
  • Charge for the value your offer brings clients.
  • Communicate value and price with certainty and confidence.
  • And optimize pricing to help you grow your business.

Learn from successful, savvy and seasoned entrepreneurs & experts. Get simple tips and strategies from those who’ve gone before you

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Start with Pricing Early - Podcast Episode

We have a joke amongst pricing professionals that when pricing goes well, every one (all the departments like sales, finance and marketing) claims responsibility. When it’s not, they’re pointing fingers of accusation at one another. What’s also interesting is how …

When you know thy customer it’s easier to know the price. The number one mistake businesses make with their pricing is: …not taking the time to understand the customer. This usually comes in two forms, they are trying to target …

Pricing behavior is fascinating and it is influenced by many things – like geography, culture, upbringing, industry etc. We can learn so much by simply observing the world around us. Many years ago I was in Egypt at one of …

Raise Profits with Better Pricing

Raise profits (or even maintain)…that’s an important part of growing your business. To do that you’ve got to understand the things that influence your profits and know how best to leverage them. Your goal isn’t to raise profits just because …

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I’m Janene, The Pricing Lady!

I’m Europe’s most trusted pricing strategist for small businesses and a Certified Pricing Professional. My mission is to empower small businesses to build the pricing strategies that help them create, communicate and charge for the value they deliver and build more sustainably profitable businesses.

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