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Welcome to the Live with the Pricing Lady where our goal is to help you grow revenue & be profitable. Podcast launch coming Aug. 2, 2021.

Learn from successful, savvy and seasoned entrepreneurs. Broaden your understanding of how to grow your business and improve your profits. Get tips and strategies to build a more sustainably profitable business.

My goal is to help you turn your purpose into profits. In addition you’ll find blog posts and links to interviews with me on other shows. Enjoy!


Latest episodes…

Your Personal Traits the Brain, Money & Pricing

Episode 77 | Live with the Pricing Lady Your personal traits impact pricing there’s no doubt. But there’s more to it than meets the eye and you might not even know it’s going on. What’s your relationship with money? How …

3 Reasons Why What You Know About Pricing Is All Wrong | The Pricing Lady

Profitability is one of the main goals of your business, but if what you know about pricing is all wrong you will struggle at best. What we learn as consumers is by in large the knowledge that most people posses …


Episode 74 | Live with the Pricing Lady Pricing your offer is a challenge under “normal” circumstances but what if you offer isn’t like the “magic pills” everyone else is offering? It’s not that it’s not valuable it just doesn’t …

29.04.2021_E73_Solocast_Avoid Nasty Discounting Habit_REC

Episode 73 | Live with the Pricing Lady Dirty, disgusting discounting habits.  Have you ever granted a discount because it was easy, you felt ashamed of your prices, guilty to charge that much, anxious or afraid to ask for it, …

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I’m Janene, The Pricing Lady!

I’m Europe’s most trusted pricing strategist for small businesses and a Certified Pricing Professional. My mission is to empower small businesses to build the pricing strategies that help them create, communicate and charge for the value they deliver and build more sustainably profitable businesses.

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