How Pricing Hurts Your Business & the Bigger Hidden Costs

Pricing hurts. Yes, it’s true it can be very painful when you don’t get it right. But it doesn’t need to be that way. I recently sat down with Kris Ward on her podcast Win the Hour Win the Day…listen to the episode.

Here’s what we discussed:

  • The most common mistake entrepreneurs make when it comes to pricing
  • How 1% improve can lead to 8% profit
  • Why eroding prices are often overlooked and dangerous

Most people struggle with price not just early on, but also as their business evolves, grows and shifts. Often they either forget or never really considered that as everything around pricing changes, so should the prices. Couple that with the fear they feel around changing prices and that’s where pricing hurts.

A few words about Win the Hour Win the Day podcast

Are you going full speed just trying to keep up? Do you feel you have more losses than wins?

So the big question is… how do stop that craziness. How do you get to your next WIN! Well, this her podcast is there to give you answers. She strives for real conversations about struggles, successes and tips… So you can get quicker, faster results, without the fluff. And get you to your next WIN now!

For years, Kris was always rushing to get to the next thing. There was always something that she had to learn before the thing she actually needed to learn. She felt like she was running in the wrong direction and moving even further away from her goals?

Enjoy our talk and much more on Apple Podcasts.

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