Top 10 Reasons You Struggle with Pricing
Top 10 Reasons You Struggle with Pricing

​Why do you struggle with pricing? ​​Have you ever stopped to think, “Why is this so damn difficult?” Good question, right? Getting to why ​it feels so difficult to set prices is important. Understanding ​how to charge your customers confidently …

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The Pricing Lady Interview on Empowered Publicity Pocast
Where to Go to Get More Visibility

​One of the things that can be most challenging in owning a business is gaining visibility, ​especially ​getting in front of your target market. ​There are many different ways to connect with your audience. ​In fact there are new sources …

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Let Pricing Supercharge Your Brand on Branding the Experience
Let Pricing Supercharge Your Brand

​Pricing is everywhere. One of the things I love about pricing, is that it ​​touches nearly every function ​in a company. ​It fascinates me. That also extends to your brand. You can supercharge the impact of your brand by having …

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Understanding Customer WIllinginess To Pay
Scary Moment of Truth: What’re Customers Really Willing to Pay?

Solid execution of value pricing requires an understanding of customer willingness-to-pay (WTP). To effectively implement the best prices, let’s spend a little time digging into the willingness-to-pay. Our target with pricing – find the best prices for you and your …

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031: How to Create a Financial Margin to Give Back with Janene Liston
Frickin’ Awesome Entrepreneur Podcast & the Pricing Lady

​ Did you know, you’re frickin’ awesome? Me too! ​I was recently on the Frickin’ Awesome Entrepreneur podcast with Alissa Daire Nelson from Daire Success Coaching. She’s a specialist in Strength’s Finder. A concept that I really love and embrace …

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English Radio show Interview
Janene on the English Radio Show

Live on Radio X, it’s Janene the Pricing Lady. Listen to my interview on the English Radio show. I must admit that was the first time I was on the radio. It felt kind of cool. In this short interview, …

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