Reason #9: You've Got Core Beliefs Getting in Your Way
Reason #9: Core Beliefs Are Getting in Your Way

Have you ever felt something is holding you back from setting prices or even selling things. Even though you may have the skills, the strategy and the know-how, you’re still struggling all the time. There is something getting in your …

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You're unprepared for pricing discussions
Reason #8: You Are Unprepared for Pricing Discussions

​Pricing discussions can make or break a deal. The best way to get good at them is to practice. The more often you have pricing discussions, the easier it is to stay engaged in a constructive way. Don’t be afraid …

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he Pricing Lady on Sprinting to Success Podcast
Sprinting to Success: Managing Stress Smarter

Sprinting to Success is the podcast show where Esmie Lawrence interviews women in high stress positions to understand how the manage and deal with stress so that it doesn’t over come them. She recently invited me to sit down with …

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reason #7: You're Not communicating Value Properly
Reason #7: You’re Not Communicating Value Properly

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, pricing is only relevant in the context of value. As the person selling, the better you communicate value, the more you’ll connect with the target audience. And the more they’ll understand …

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Reason #6 - It feels icky
Reason #6: Why You Struggle with Pricing : It Feels Icky

​Do you ever find yourself avoiding or procrastinating doing your pricing? Ever hear yourself say, “Ick!” For some people pricing is very uncomfortable. ​Believe me, you’re not alone if that’s how you feel. ​​ In this short video we look …

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Reason #5 - setting a price is not enough
Reason #5: You Think Setting a Price Is Enough

​Do you think that pricing is just about finding a number and that’s it. Setting a price​ is not enough. Pricing isn’t a one time thing you do and then let it be. There’s much more to it than that. …

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