Pricing and high ticket strategy and growth | The Pricing Lady
Pricing and High Ticket Strategy & Growth

Pricing and high ticket strategy and growth, is what I was speaking about recently with Extus Justin on his show. Extus is an expert in strategies and business growth when it comes to high ticket sales, so he wanted to …

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How to improve confidence in pricing | The Pricing Lady
How to Improve Your Confidence in Pricing

How to improve confidence in pricing is a question I get asked all the time. I had the pleasure to sit down with Scott Colenutt on his show Site Visibility to talk about this and more. Scott is a marketing …

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The Pricing Lady with Nafisa Mark on the Marketing Pod
Help! How to Price My Course.

I sat down with Nafisa Mark on her show the Marketing Pod to talk about pricing in the context of how to “price my course”. Her show helps new & established online business owners gain visibility and sell with ease… …

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Factors influencing pricing - Reason #10 - you lack the confidence
Reason #10: Lack of Confidence

​Pricing when done well, helps your business run more smoothly. However, setting the right pricing in a poor​ way makes your​ life difficult. One of the top 10 reasons small business owners struggle with pricing is ​they lack confidence in …

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Positive Productivity Podcast - Importance of Pricing
Positive Productivity Podcast – Importance of Pricing

Importance of Pricing As a micro business to understand the importance of pricing, you have to understand the value that you bring to your customers about ​the services/products that you are selling. In other words, figure out who your target …

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Pricing Strategy Creative Funding Show
Pricing Strategy in the Creative Funding Show

Do you struggle with Pricing Strategy but you don’t know why? ​Are you confused on how and what to charge your customers? ​Is this costing you time, money and a lot of energy? Recently I was on the Creative Funding …

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