Better Prices

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Give your business a boost with new prices in 2022

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Adjust Your Prices & Boost Your Business

Worrying, hoping or praying aren’t a great way to set prices or run a business.
You can do better than that and CAN confidently adjust prices without losing core business.
You just need to know how
Do you want to understand when, by how much & how to change prices confidently?
And know how to do it without upsetting your most important clients?
You can learn from my 20 years of experience and the 1000’s of people I’ve helped.
Even when they know they should people don’t raise prices for three main reasons. They’re:
  • Afraid to lose any customers.
  • Don’t know what to change or how.
  • Think it’s not fair or greedy.
Is that you? Let’s correct course and get your business on track.

With this group coaching program you'll ...


know what to do

to determine what needs changing


be more confident

about raising prices without risking business


feel more secure

that your business can maintain / grow profit


stop wasting money

by not charging a price fit for the value delivered

Ultimately, I'll guide you through from reviewing your prices to executing new prices.

I’ve raised my prices with confidence.

Working with Janene changed my worry into confidence. She helped me build a framework that allows me to price my products and services easily and communicate my prices with confidence. Thanks to Janene’s help, I’ve been able to raise my prices. And it was fun and creative, too!
Pauliina Rasi

Communications Consultant

We cover 4 core topics over 6 weeks.

Note: All sessions are live with a combination of content & coaching. As time allows you can also get some work done. Weeks 3 and 6 will be live Q&A sessions, with no new content. 

Check Prices

Week 1 we focus on analyzing the price drivers and indications that your prices need to change.

Define Changes

During week 2 two you'll determine what to change, by how much. Ensuring changes are only made where needed.

Prepare Yourself

In week 4 we look at execution. Ensure you're prepared to communicate the changes & handle objections.

Communicate & Monitor

In week 5 our focus is on announcing the price changes and setting up a way to monitor the response going forward.

What we're going to do...

Over six weeks I’ll take you all step-by-step how to prepare, plan and execute your price changes. We’ll have 4 live coaching sessions and 2 Q&A sessions.

Clients have told me...

…they’re afraid to raise their prices, but know they need to. If that’s you then this is the program your business needs. Learning the skills required to adapt and raise prices without upsetting your best customers is crucial to long term success.

What's it's not.

This is not a price-setting program. In this program we focused on how adjust prices that already exist in order to optimize your profitability. You’ll be focused on price drivers, market changes and business needs and how they influence your price levels. If you’re looking to learn how to set prices please book a call with me as I’ve got other programs for that.

Who this is for

This program is ideal for solo entrepreneurs, freelancers and micro-businesses who have been operating for 3 years or more and/or who have price in the market that needs adjusting. The program is fit for both product and service-based businesses. 

Options for joining...

The next session is not yet scheduled. Book at call with me to find out more.

1:1 Coaching

For those who prefer to work individually with me.

  • 4 individual coaching sessions
  • Lifetime access to videos from group program

* The price for 1:1 coaching for such a pricing review starts from 2250CHF and goes up depending on the business. Please book a call with me if interested and we can discuss.

Group VIP

Boost your success with a 1:1 coaching session & more.

  • Everything in BASIC plus...
  • 1 individual coaching session
  • VIP Bonus Pricing Mindset Group Session
  • Lifetime access to the videos & live session recordings

Group Basic

Better Prices, Better Profits in 2022 group program.

  • Weekly instructional videos
  • Weekly live coaching/working sessions
  • 7 weeks access to private FB Group, videos and live session replays.
  • Better prices, better profits workbook

Don't take my word for it. Read what others have to say about working with me.

“Janene has an incredible ability to really understand your business and help you put in place a meaningful commercial strategy. She helped me think critically not only about pricing but also my business value and impact. I recommend Janene to anyone who wants to take their business and commercial strategy to the next level.”

Tessa James


“Women, in particular, have a hard time setting prices that accurately reflect the value of their goods or services. It’s been useful to get under this and understand the drivers. Ultimately, if the pricing is not right, the business is just a hobby…until it runs out of money.”

Vicki Kirn

Business Owner | Basel Bagel

Susanne Edler | Happy Client

We knew we added value but struggled to define it precisely by product and in relation to our methodology. Janene helped us refine that value proposition and translate that into the offers and our price model. Within a couple months of working with her we sign the contract for our biggest project to date.  Thanks to our work together we know our offer, the value it brings and we can communicate it confidently. It’s been a win on all levels. I can only recommend you work with Janene, you won’t regret it.

Susanne Edler

Digital Chameleon AG | Head of Brand & Culture

How I became The Pricing Lady

Like many people I didn’t know Pricing was a career track. I stumbled upon it early in my career and was instantly fascinated by the logical puzzle it presented.

This deep interest led me to work through my pricing professional certification and made me Europe’s most trusted pricing expert for small businesses.

But there’s more to pricing than pure logic and an official certificate. What makes pricing so fascinating is how to combine hard facts and figures to emotions, mindset and confidence. It’s a formula that combines logic, creativity and psychology.

One word of warning though: my passion for pricing is contagious! The chances are that working with me will cause you to get all excited about your pricing, too.

Questions? Want to talk more?