August 2021

Jen MacFarland on Live with the Pricing Lady the Podcast

Pricing Your Offer When It Isn’t the “Magic Pill”

Pricing your offer is a challenge under “normal” circumstances but what if you offer isn’t like the “magic pills” everyone else is offering? It’s not that it’s not valuable it just doesn’t have that “sexiness” that others offer.  Does that make it harder or easier to price your offer? How does it (or does it) …

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Understand Pricing

Pricing is a powerful tool and it is often overlooked. Here’s the thing, if you don’t understand pricing, but are doing it anyhow, one of three things is happening. First, your getting by on luck. You’re struggling much more than needed. Last, pricing is hurting your business. None of these is ideal. George Grombacher invited …

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