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The 5 Steps to Pricing Success

Learn about the REAL PRICING SKILLS you need to build a more sustainably profitable business.

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This introductory Pricing web class is ideal for small businesses, entrepreneurs and startups. Join us!

Goodbye to Underpricing!

"Before Janene’s pricing course... I was too nervous to increase my prices. A week after the course I put my prices up and have seen a positive reaction." Monika, Signature Five

What You Will Learn in This Free Web Class:

Secret #1

What You Don’t Know About Pricing That’s Holding Your Business Back.

Most people, even seasoned professionals don’t know the impact of 1%. But you will – and when you understand why pricing is important, you will naturally treat it differently in your business.

Secret #2

Learn about 2 Super Simple Aspects of Price You Need to Manage to Be Sustainably Profitable.

Too often business are overly focused on one aspect and kind of ignore the other. But the best businesses effectively manage both. Familiarize yourself with the Leaky Bucket of Pricing – better manage price erosion.

Secret #3

Build the Bridge to Sustainable Profits with an Introduction to the 5 Steps to Pricing Success.

There are two foundational steps and 3 cores steps to improving pricing in any business. Do you know what they are? You will…just remember that pricing is so much more than just a number.

About your host

Janene’s work with Small businesses is proven to help people feel more certain about what they offer, what they charge for it and to help them build sustainably profitable businesses.

Since 2004, Janene has been dedicated to helping businesses be more profitable through better pricing of products, services and software. First in the corporate world – where she earned her Pricing Certification. Then later when she started her own business.

She now works with Entrepreneurs, Startups & Small Businesses who are ready to charge the right prices and are serious about being more profitable. She is a specialist in value based pricing and her experience, systems and tools are practical and powerful assets that bring results.

Understand the true value behind what you deliver and confidently charge the right prices.

The Pricing Lady

Janene helps small business owners, just like you. Get the right prices, work with better clients, work a less, earn more & feel more confident – common results her clients experience.